Why B2B Startups Need to Invest in Marketing, Especially Now.

Why B2B Startups Need to Invest in Marketing, Especially Now.

Budget allocation to support growth is a high-priority issue for B2B startups, and marketing is often the first place most businesses reactively cut back when the economy slows down. So how should B2B startups weather the storm of slashed marketing budgets and downsizing marketing departments and still maintain growth in the long run? Read More
15 Best Podcasts for Startup Founders in 2023

Founders, listen up. These are the best start-up podcasts in 2023

Like learning but short on time? Looking to stay sharp and up to date on the business world without having to constantly slog through news articles and websites?  Find below a refined list of the 15 best startup podcasts for entrepreneurs, founders, startup CEOs, or anyone looking for valuable information to help grow their business in 2023. Read More
What is B2B brand positioning, and why does it matter?

What is B2B brand positioning, and why does it matter?

Brand positioning in tech marketing is no different to any other kind of branding. It is the story about your company, product, or service, which sits firmly in people’s minds and is made up of many different elements. The way people perceive your brand directly impacts on your value.  Read More
How Marketing Can Help Sales Teams Perform Better and Maximize Growth

It’s time for a sales and marketing makeover! 

If you are a start-up founder, marketer or salesperson, then you are acutely aware of how closely sales and marketing departments must work together in order to create an effective sales pipeline that closes deals. After all, marketing’s main goal is to attract and drive leads, and sales’ main goal is to convert those leads into customers.  Read More

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing for B2B Startups

Like most things in life, B2B marketing is complicated. It is multifaceted, constantly evolving, and has many different categories and subsects.  Of those, one common categorization is the discussion revolving around inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with the concepts, that’s A-okay; we’re going to delve into it. Read More
Israel’s Top 15 Cybersecurity Industry Influencers To Follow

Cybersecurity Spotlight: Israel’s Top 15 Industry Influencers To Follow

One of the greatest ways to learn about an industry is to hear insights from its top experts. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered the top 15 cybersecurity influencers breaking new ground, so we can all learn from their experience and know who and what to keep an eye out for, without further ado, these are the top cybersecurity influencers of 2022:  Read More

8 Essential Tips To Get PR Done Right for Your Startup

As a business owner, you know that public relations is essential. But that's easier said than done, right? After all, how exactly do you run a successful Public relations (PR) campaign for your startup?   If you're just starting, this guide to startup PR strategies has all the information you need to get started and essential tips to increase your chances of gaining media coverage. Read More
B2B Marketing for Early-Stage Startups: Ultimate Checklist

Everything You Need for B2B Marketing: Early-Stage Startups

One way to make sure your startup doesn’t fail is by employing the correct marketing tactics for startups that can skyrocket your brand awareness and secure you loyal clients. In this blog post, we break down the essential tools, ideas and resources that can boost any marketing plan for startups, regardless of the budget involved. Read More

5 Activities to Have In Your Mix When Running B2B Tech Marketing

Marketing is an ever-changing industry, with new trends and best practices constantly evolving. In order to execute marketing at the highest level, you have to build relationships with customers, tell your story in an authentic way, garner the attention of your target audience, and constantly analyze your results and adjust accordingly. It can certainly be a lot to handle, and it may sound overwhelming, but don’t fret. If you keep these 5 marketing activities in your mix, you’re on the right track. Read More
Marketing Agency vs In-House: Which Is Best for Your B2B Start-Up?

Marketing Agency vs In-House: Which Is Best for Your B2B Start-Up?

The B2B industry is currently valued at $6.7 trillion, and that’s only in the US. Globally, the B2B e-commerce market is expected to reach $18 billion by 2027. This growth means more opportunity for B2B start-ups, but it also means more competition. So how can they position themselves for success?  Read More
The Main Functions of a Start-up Marketing Agency

The Main Functions of a Start-up Marketing Agency

After your product hits the market, the first question you should ask is: “What does my business need when it comes to marketing?”  Does your marketing need to support your branding and offer you a better logo, or does it need to bring you new leads and provide your sales representative with opportunities?  The obvious answer is both. You must give the marketing machine time, otherwise you will lose. Read More
5 Essential Factors For Your Tech Startup Marketing

5 Essential Factors For Your Tech Startup Marketing

Whether or not you’ve noticed, it has happened to you before. You’ve come across an interesting article, or an eye-catching LinkedIn post, or a friend mentioned a new company to you. Following your instinct, you clicked on the link, or the company’s profile, or searched the company on Google – and that tiny inkling of curiosity vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Read More
360° Marketing for Your B2B Tech Startup

Why You Need 360° Marketing for Your B2B Tech Startup

In 2021, the global startup ecosystem was valued at $3.8 trillion.  B2B tech startups are swimming in a red ocean that is flush with unicorns, seed A’s, family-owned, and every other type of startup out there.  But you know you have a revolutionary idea that is going to change the world and capture everyone’s attention! Read More

HubSpot for Startups – Notes from a New Marketer

Perhaps you opened this article because you’re a new marketer, or because you’ve heard about HubSpot and are unsure what it really does, or because you’re my friend and I sent you this link to show you the cool stuff I get to do at my new job. Read More