Why You Need 360° Marketing for Your B2B Tech Startup

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In 2021, the global startup ecosystem was valuedat $3.8 trillion. 

B2B tech startups are swimming in a red ocean that is flush with unicorns, seed A’s, family-owned, and every other type of startup out there. 

But you know you have a revolutionary idea that is going to change the world and capture everyone’s attention!

You even hired the most experienced R&D team, found an expert product manager, recruited the sharpest CTO, and convinced the most charismatic sales manager you have ever met to join you for the ride. 

I hate to be the one to tell you, but all of that is not enough to set you apart in the sea of red. 

You see, a crucial ingredient is missing from the list – a B2B startup marketing agency that understands and is capable of planning and skillfully executing 360° marketing.

What is 360° marketing? 

Marketing consists of a wide umbrella of strategic activities, including content creation, public relations, automated campaigns, email marketing, thought leadership, social media presence, and many more.

360° marketing is an approach that incorporates all of these crucial activities into a well-thought out, strategic marketing plan that focuses on business KPIs and creates a nurture funnel and lead pipeline, leaving nothing to slip through the cracks. 

The mistake that B2B tech startups often make is choosing a few marketing activities that they believe to be most effective and forgetting the rest, or simply not having the bandwidth to manage and execute all of them.

Today’s customers are constantly being flooded with marketing content – in their email inboxes, on their social media platforms, during the ad breaks of their favorite podcasts…the list goes on. 

In order to break through the clutter and truly differentiate your product on the journey to gaining customers, you must utilize a B2B tech marketing agency that understands 360° marketing.

Why do you need 360° marketing?

1. There is no one-trick pony

As much as people like to believe that their one-hit-wonder LinkedIn post and the really cool blog they wrote is enough to create business success, the truth is that in marketing, there is no “one-trick pony.” 

Because the email marketing campaign that brought in fifty relevant leads last month might flop this month, and the PPC white paper campaign you ran last year that increased website traffic by 200% might disappoint this time around.

Maintaining a constantly evolving and rejuvenated 360° degree marketing plan is the only way to keep your customers engaged and find relevant new leads within your target market.

2. Building a brand requires consistency 

It can take years to gain a customer’s interest, and more importantly their commitment to spend their money on your product. 

You need experts who can consistently meet your target market at multiple touch points with different types of content in order to slowly garner brand awareness, recognition, and trust. 

Lazy, scattered marketing activities created without a solid, thorough plan and 360° ‘view’ will not be able to bring about these results. 

3. It’s all tied together

Successful marketing requires juggling a million tasks at all times, with beauty and grace, without ever letting a ball drop. 

The story you are telling must be homogenous and aligned across every platform and piece of content, otherwise you risk confusing your target audience and losing their interest.

360° degree marketing consists of constant synchronization of every activity and campaign, whether it’s online or offline, organic or paid, and is the only true method that can create a comprehensive, successful marketing plan. 

4. It’s your best shot

Apart from just homogenous, your business story must be gripping. It should pull in your audience and tell a compelling story that captivates and convinces. 

Without marketing that utilizes a bird’s eye view to fully understand the market and competition to plan a unique and differentiated marketing strategy, you jeopardize your chances of business success.

5. Success requires a comprehensive understanding 

Utilizing 360° marketing ensures that the story you are telling provides a complete view of the product you are selling, the people who created it, and the company vision.  

Gaining this understanding is more difficult when your marketers are working fully remote – afterall, it’s much easier to grasp company culture while eating lunch with employees in the office kitchen than while talking to them across the Zoom screen.

So when selecting your outsourced CMO services, be sure to pick someone that will make the extra effort to interact with you on the day-to-day; a team that will come sit with you in your office, connect with your employees, and really dive into the details to ensure they understand the big picture. 

SAGE Marketing is an in-house, ‘CMO-as-a-service’ boutique marketing agency composed of B2B tech marketing experts who eat, sleep, and breathe 360° marketing. And even better – we work with our clients from their offices, so we get immersed in the company and understand the full 360° view.

How to stay on top of it

You may be thinking that your CMO can handle your 360° B2B startup marketing – juggling the campaigns, creating the content, managing the leads – the whole nine yards.

But the truth of it is, there is no single person or small marketing team that can provide the breadth of knowledge and human capital you receive from outsourced CMO services.

Each B2B startup marketing agency is built solely for the purpose of crafting engaging content, planning strategic and eye-catching campaigns, automating and streamlining lead generation, and bringing the solution that you believe in to the forefront of the market. 

B2B outsourced marketing has in-house experts at your disposal for SEO optimization, stunning graphic designs, PPC campaign experts, content writers, and more – saving you the tedious task of hiring individual experts for each of these vital activities.

If you are looking for meaningful market positioning, compelling brand messaging and data-driven strategies to hit your desired business goals, don’t hesitate to reach out.

SAGE Marketing has been selected among the Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies by DesignRush.

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