The Power of HubSpot: Transforming Gaviti’s Marketing and Sales Strategy


Who is Gaviti ?

Gaviti is an accounts receivable collections software created to help collections teams get paid faster. The innovative solution optimizes the complete collections process, from automating highly personalized dunning emails to perfecting task management. 

Mission of Partnership:

Gaviti contacted SAGE Marketing to strategize and execute their marketing activities and leverage HubSpot for automated campaigns and maintaining positive customer relationships


Danna Cahana is the Marketing Manager of Gaviti, a collections platform for SMEs. 

Back in 2020, After conducting extensive research, Danna realized that they needed a comprehensive solution for managing their marketing and sales efforts to enhance customer relationships and drive business growth. As a result, she decided to implement HubSpot and reached out to SAGE marketing.

Gaviti had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the HubSpot implementation and optimization services provided by Roman (our Marketing Automation Expert) and his team.

HubSpot became their single source of truth, providing an all-in-one solution for all aspects of the company’s operations including marketing, sales, customer service, and more. 


But don’t take our word for it, hear it from Danna:

What has been the impact of HubSpot on your business processes?

HubSpot was our holy grail. Most employees in our company would use HubSpot every single day. We used both the marketing services and sales services. So from the very beginning of a users journey, to closing a deal, and even renewing services, everything was tracked on HubSpot. Only through the use of detailed reports and analytics, we were able to properly review our efforts and could make adjustments to improve. Without HubSpot, we would have been totally lost. 

As a Marketing Manager, how has HUBSPOT helped you with lead nurturing and conversion?

With HubSpot, we were able to create multiple email sequences according to a lead’s action – such as whether a lead downloaded an eBook, or scheduled a demo, or attended a webinar.

 For each event, we managed to create personal and tailored emails and increased our open/click rates. This was simple to make with HubSpot’s workflows, which not only allowed you to see a complete sequence very clearly, you could also derive results for each campaign separately. 

How has HubSpot helped your sales and marketing teams collaborate better?

Since HubSpot was the single source of truth for the whole company, it made it extremely efficient for the Sales and Marketing team to work smoothly together. 

There was never arguing about results, because we all referred to the same numbers. And it made it a lot easier to track Sales work on my own without having to double check with the team. 

Lead Scoring tools

HubSpot’s lead scoring was a great tool for our SDR team, especially when Gaviti had hundreds of leads every week, but only four people on the SDR team. It’s impossible to properly reach out to every lead without some sort of classification. Roman and his team created the lead score with the best practices. Afterwards, the SDR team would use this list to focus on their ‘hot leads’ and then their ‘cold leads’. 

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Let’s look at the numbers

As a result, the company saw outstanding results – 

Email Campaigns

  • 19.81% average open rates, with top emails reaching 45%
  • 5.61% average click-through rate
  • Increased leads by 400% in the first 18 months
  • Nearly 20% of new leads were generated through sponsoring several live webinars and one-on-one meetings with financial executives
  • Grew MQLs by 5x from paid gated activities every month using gated assets such as ebooks, white papers, case studies leading to landing pages, etc.

“It was excellent. We spent 2 years with SAGE’s HubSpot support. Usually requests were handled immediately, and if we had issues, we were always able to hop on zoom calls and get to the root cause.We had many best practices implemented just because of SAGE’s HubSpot team. “ 

Would you be able to describe your experience working with SAGE and their level of professionalism?

They were extremely professional in terms of responsiveness and expertise. They definitely knew what they were doing, especially in regards to HubSpot best practices. Working with SAGE made the whole process seamless. 

Were there any specific areas where you felt Roman provided exceptional service or went above and beyond to meet your needs?

The great thing about working with Roman and his team was that they would often teach or explain the solution rather than merely resolve the problem. I think everyone at Gaviti learned a lot about HubSpot through all our training and process together working with SAGE. 

 Danna rated the level of support and communication as excellent and is very likely to recommend the HubSpot services to others.

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