Top 11 Israeli Generative AI Startups to Look for


The rise and significance of generative AI platforms 

Generative AI technology has experienced a remarkable rise in recent years, revolutionizing various industries and pushing the boundaries of what machines can achieve. Generative AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to create new and original content, such as images, videos, music, and text, that closely mimic human creativity. Unlike traditional AI models that rely on pre-existing data, generative AI has the remarkable ability to generate entirely new and unique content, often surpassing human capabilities.

The significance of generative AI lies in its potential to transform numerous sectors. In the field of art and design, generative AI enables artists to explore new creative possibilities, producing stunning visual and auditory experiences. In healthcare, generative AI can assist in drug discovery, designing personalized treatment plans, and analyzing medical images.

Moreover, in the gaming industry, generative AI enhances virtual worlds, generating lifelike characters, landscapes, and narratives. Its impact also extends to business applications, with generative AI being utilized for content generation, customer personalization, and predictive analytics. As generative AI continues to advance, its potential to drive innovation, automate complex tasks, and push creative boundaries is expected to grow exponentially.

Israel – A hub for innovation and cutting-edge AI-based startups

Remagine Ventures Generative AI Landscape April 2023. (Remagine Ventures)
Remagine Ventures Generative AI Landscape April 2023. (Remagine Ventures)

Israel boasts a vibrant startup ecosystem, with a high concentration of tech companies and a thriving entrepreneurial culture.
Israeli companies have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, developing cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges and revolutionize industries.
And now they are also taking on the generative AI scene by storm.

We’ve decided to showcase our top 11 top generative AI startups from Israel and their contributions to their fields. Time to be inspired!

Israeli Generative AI startups to look out for in 2023

1. Bria

“Instantly create and customize limitless visuals at scale through generative AI for businesses”
Founded: 2022
Founders: Yair Adato,Assa Eldar

Bria’s advanced AI technology enables businesses to quickly generate and edit top-notch visual material for social media posts, ads, and eCommerce pictures. Instead of searching the internet for images, Bria’s algorithms are trained using authorized data. This guarantees full compliance with copyright regulations and ensures that the images utilized and created meet the strictest standards for quality and safety.

2. One View

“To provide freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency to those who teach machines how to better understand data.”
Founded: 2019
Founders: Omri Greenberg , Oren Katzir, Dor Herman

OneView is a platform designed to generate virtual synthetic datasets, specifically catered to the analysis of earth observation imagery using machine learning algorithms.
Replacing the slow and manual data preparation up until now required for generating with automated and swift creation of ready-for-training data.

3. Skeep

“Generating magical eCommerce experiences, automatically”
Founded: 2020
Founders: Daniel Nemeth, Omer Cohen

Skeep’s AI-based system generates dynamic and personalized shoppable quizzes that guide shoppers toward the most suitable products. Unlike traditional manual approaches, Skeep eliminates the need for extensive setup, making it easy for businesses to implement and benefit from right away. Through these interactive quizzes, businesses gain insights into the preferences, interests, and motivations of each consumer. Skeep empowers businesses to provide an interactive and personalized shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving success in the competitive market.

4. HourOne

“Create AI video content in less than 15 minutes”

Founded: 2019

Founders: Lior Hakim, Oren Aharon

Hour One AI specializes in creating and managing a cutting-edge platform designed specifically for professional use. Their innovative solution leverages computer-generated AI individuals, crafted to appear as photo-realistic characters, to revolutionize the traditional video production workflow. With Hour One, businesses can seamlessly digitize and enhance their video creation process. What sets Hour One apart is its cloud-based infrastructure, allowing any organization to effortlessly generate top-notch presenter videos at a significantly reduced cost. These videos can be created in just minutes, available in multiple languages, and accessible on a self-serve basis. Moreover, Hour One’s platform ensures scalability, enabling businesses to meet their video production needs efficiently and effectively.

5. Ask-AI

“The one sentence answer you need”

Founded: 2021
Founder: Alon Talmor

ASK aggregates text-heavy company knowledge & customer communications to reveal ChatGPT-like answers and actionable insights.

Ask-AI has created a revolutionary internal search engine that harnesses the power of natural language processing (NLP) and a profound comprehension of human queries and speech. This advanced technology enables the engine to automatically analyze lengthy texts and condense them into concise and comprehensible summaries. Beyond delivering direct answers, the system also facilitates inquiry, promoting continual improvement in product development, customer experience, knowledge, management, and organizational efficiency.

6. CodiumAI

“Enable developers to build faster with zero bugs.”

Founded: 2022
Founders: Dedy Kredo, Itamar Friedman

CodiumAI empowers developers with a game-changing solution for enhanced code integrity and faster, bug-free development. By merging artificial and human intelligence, they revolutionize the coding experience. Through their IDE extension, developers receive invaluable assistance within their coding environment, including intelligent suggestions for both non-trivial and trivial tests. CodiumAI understands developers’ needs as fellow developers and aims to provide tailored tools and solutions.


How to Start a Start-Up Without an Investment”

Founded: 2021

FoundersTamir Magen , Or Kliger

SPIRITT is an innovative AI platform that offers assistance to help entrepreneurs create stunning, feature-rich applications without technical expertise. SPIRITT brings any app idea to life without the need for extensive technical skills.

SPIRITT has developed a platform that allows for the development of complex applications by describing them only verbally, with the help of a conversational AI chatbot. 

8. TheGist

“A more fulfilling and productive employee experience”

Founded: 2022

Founders: Itay Dressler, Itzik Ben Bassat, Nir Zohar

The Gist revolutionizes collaboration by providing personalized summaries of Slack discussions. Their tools streamline teamwork, task management, project coordination, and information consumption. With insightful summaries from supported Slack bots, The Gist saves valuable time and tackles the challenge of information overload caused by the extensive use of organizational tools and SaaS services. Their platform enhances organizational efficiency by delivering tailored information consumption, effectively cutting through the noise and enabling easy access to the necessary information.

9. Protai

“Combat complex diseases and create a healthier world”

Founded: 2021

Founders: Eran Seger,  Kirill Pevzner

In the realm of drug discovery and development, comprehending the molecular mechanisms underlying intricate diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and neurodegenerative conditions poses a significant challenge. However, Protai has successfully addressed this hurdle through the creation of an advanced platform that expedites independent drug development. By facilitating precise mapping of diseases at the protein level across various activity states, this platform significantly enhances the capacity to observe cellular function, leading to improved methods for discovering and developing new drugs. As a result, development processes are optimized, leading to substantial time and cost savings.

10. Ginzi

Founded: 2021
Founders: Ben Jacobs , Kobi Agi

Support leaders no longer have to create template responses from scratch with Ginzi. By integrating with the chat channel and accessing historic data from platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, and others, Ginzi’s AI learns from past conversations and develops business-specific AI models. The AI system identifies recurring questions and generates suggested template answers. Agents benefit from receiving AI-generated answers, enabling them to resolve tickets within seconds. With Ginzi’s assistance, support leaders can verify and edit the AI-generated answers to ensure accuracy and efficiency in their support operations.


“Stop the guesswork. Produce smarter results-driven creatives”

Founded: 2021
Founders: Asaf YanaiKoby Berkovich 

Alison transforms creative development by leveraging data-driven insights. With full-funnel data analysis, Alison identifies key elements that impact creative success, allowing marketers to streamline production and focus on what resonates with each audience. This intelligent platform combines smart algorithms and human insights to provide superior quality data, eliminating guesswork and empowering brands to build high-performing creatives based on real-time information.

To sum up:

As generative AI platforms continue to advance, they hold immense potential for driving innovation, automating complex tasks, and unlocking unprecedented opportunities for human creativity and problem-solving. When used as an extension of our lives to overcome challenges it has the power to propel humanity forward.

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