Preventing Machine Downtime


Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

3DSignals approached SAGE right after they received seed investment from Grove Ventures and decided to present their acoustic IoT solution at the Tube and Pipe trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company founders were uncertain when it came to bringing their breakthrough high-tech solution to a low-tech traditional and conservative market like steel tubes and pipes manufacturing. They were overwhelmed and had little knowledge about how to reach potential customers in the field of manufacturing.

SAGE provided them with every marketing and sales tool to help them succeed at the show, which 3DSignals then achieved with flying colors.


3DSignals’ acoustic monitoring and deep learning technology monitors sensory data from production line machinery, identifies anomalies, and classifies patterns of equipment failure to predicts and prevent issues before they interrupt production.


Industrial IoT



Marketing Objectives

  • Position 3DSignals in the Industrial IoT market leading up to Tube 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • The Challenge: Bringing high-tech (machine learning and IoT) into traditional low-tech industry (steel tubes and pipes manufacturers)
  • Establish the brand as a leader in the IoT industry
  • Create relevant, consistent and engaging sales tools
  • Make sure 3DSignals presence at the Tube and Pipe show will generate business traction and leads


  • Crystallize the industry pain points
  • Refine the target market (3 different audiences: tube and pipes manufacturers, machine manufacturers and saw blade manufacturers)
  • Speak their language and answer a real need for each target audience
  • Develop a focused solution with business and operational value
  • Create and distribute relevant valuable content to the market and the community
"Marketing expertise like Sarit's is not to be taken for granted. From the big picture to the smallest detail, she weighs in and leads us in the right direction, always."
- Amnon Shenfeld, Co-Founder & CEO


  • Positioning, Messaging and Elevator Pitch
  • Customer Presentation
  • Database Creation
  • Email Campaign, Cold Calling and Setting Meetings
  • Brochure Creation


  • Created a pipeline of over 10 different business opportunities
  • Developed a 5,000-contact database made up of manufacturers and business partners
  • Set 15 strategic meetings at a very prominent trade show