Patient Centric Proton Therapy




Introducing new technology is challenging; adding human life to the equation makes it truly monumental. P-Cure is a unique company standing at the forefront in the war against cancer.

P-Cure’s cutting edge solution makes medical treatment accessible to more patients than any competitor, however, it was challenging for them to differentiate themselves from the technological giants in the category. P-Cure brought on SAGE to help them tackle this. From brand development to strategy and implementation, SAGE worked hand in hand with P-Cure, truly serving as their external CMO, and taking them to new heights as an industry giant in their own right.


P-Cure shifts the paradigm of patient positioning and real-time adaptive therapy to maximize the benefits of proton therapy. The BioTech company delivers a comprehensive solution for precise patient treatment planning and delivery, and expands access to proton therapy with more affordable proton facilities. P-Cure puts the patient first.




Marketing Objectives

  • Create brand awareness to distinguish P-Cure from its competitors
  • Fulfill the role of external marketing department and maximize exposure and trust within the budget framework
  • Drive pipeline growth through relationships with Beam Manufacturers, Treatment Planning Providers and Center Developers; and to create pull through demand from health care providers and radiation oncology centers
  • Be recognized as the “gold standard” for imaging and positioning in proton/radio oncology therapy
  • Create value for potential merger and acquisition partners
  • Build awareness and credibility with potential investors and collaboration with market leaders in the field


  • Crystalize P-Cure uniqueness over their competition
  • Create new brand story - Patient Centric Proton Therapy
  • Establish a new visual identity based on the new brand story and new tone and voice with strong messages
  • Build database of potential business partners, medical physicists, hospital owners and analysts
"Sarit revitalized our brand completely. She's brilliant and a master marketer."
- Michael Marash, Founder & CEO


  • Thought leadership and PR
  • Professional trade shows
  • Sales tools and collateral
  • Testimonial video
  • Professional LinkedIn group
  • New website
  • Leading doctors' visits at North Western Medicine Proton Therapy Center in Chicago to see the installed P-Cure solution used "live" with cancer care patients
  • Implementation of new brand visuals in office interior design, trade show booth design and other various touch points


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Created a 5000-contact database comprised of business partners and doctors
  • Gained strategic media exposure via PR