Indoor Robotics:
Autonomous Indoor Drone Fleets

Indoor Robotics is the creator of Tando, a one-of-a-kind flying robot. The solution pairs robotics with AI-powered capabilities to enable the most effective solution for intelligent indoor monitoring and inspection. Partnering with global leaders in the security and smart building arenas and led by top experts, Indoor Robotics is shaping the future of intelligent indoor monitoring.

After raising $15 million in their Series A, Indoor Robotics wanted to use the funding to reach aggressive business goals. But first, they needed to recruit a large number of talented new employees for technology positions.

Who did they turn to? SAGE. One of Indoor Robotics’ main objectives when hiring SAGE was to focus on employer branding efforts. The company realized that hiring is a matter of strategic marketing strategy. That’s where the SAGE approach and expertise came in – knowing how to create a strong emotional connection between the company and its current and potential employees. So, we didn’t waste time advertising how many ice cream flavors they had in the office kitchen, but rather crafted creative campaigns that appealed to potential candidates’ emotions. These efforts have been and continue to be extremely successful in filling open positions with ideal candidates and increasing brand awareness among potential candidates.


Indoor robotics develops fully autonomous indoor drone fleets and AI based solutions for security and monitoring in smart buildings.


Automation Machinery Manufacturing



  • Create and execute a unique employer branding strategy and work plan
  • Build brand awareness among potential talents and establish the company as a thought leader in the industry
  • Increase the number of CV’s and applications submitted for open positions
  • Craft an ongoing employer brand experience and culture to strengthen the company connection and loyalty for existing employees 
  • Generate higher levels of traffic to social media channels and website


  • Leverage employees’ social media presence for credibility and authenticity
  • Develop talent promise, positioning, and employer brand identity
  • Create and maintain internal communication
  • Visual identity and brand messaging creation
  • Craft targeted messaging for specific audiences
  • Execute campaigns for brand awareness and recruitment
  • Analyze and optimize submitted CV’s to ensure candidate quality


  • Holistic rebranding with strategic messaging and visuals 
  • Content strategy and SEO optimization
  • Website design, content development & management
  • CEO profile enhancement and thought leader establishment
  • SMM and PPC campaigns across all strategic channels
  • Increase brand awareness among target audience via social media
"SAGE Marketing has been instrumental in getting our company 'on the radar' by helping us develop our employer branding in basically no time, greatly enhancing our recruiting efforts.  - Ofir Bar Levav, Chief Business Officer



Website Traffic & SEO

  • +85% new users
  • +100% number of sessions
  • +319% career page visits

Social Media 

  • +309% LinkedIn visitors
  • 3,500 to 6,400 LinkedIn followers in 6 months

Lead Generation & Content

  • Won the LinkedIn award for top Israeli startups in 2022
  • Doubled the number of employees