Intel Ignite:
Startup Accelerator Program

Startup Accelerator Program

Startup Accelerator Program

Intel Ignite is a 12-week deep tech startup accelerator that provides a highly customized program and support system for early-stage startups. The program empowers entrepreneurs with exclusive access to the industry’s most prominent mentors and technologies. The entrepreneurs learn how to harness the best resources and tap into cutting edge technologies—all while accelerating their business growth. Each startup enjoys direct access to Intel’s ecosystem, including a range of technology solutions, technological expertise, research and development, business leaders, and resources. Additionally, the program is committed to bringing startups to the next level with its mentorship-driven program.

Intel Ignite hired SAGE to accelerate its branding and awareness for early-stage startup founders. We crafted compelling messaging for content strategy and developed the positioning and visual identities while establishing a strategic marketing plan that deeply engaged the target audience and created a hype buzz. Furthermore, Intel Ignite’s social media platform (specifically LinkedIn) lacked a comprehensive content strategy as part of the driving force behind its brand’s social media strategy. They required a partner who understood the nuances of their alumni community, their goals, and their missions. They wanted to reflect these values to their audiences via social media and thought leadership content.


Powered by Intel, Intel Ignite is a deep tech startup accelerator that focuses on empowering early-stage startup entrepreneurs with world-class mentors and invaluable sessions for co-founders and CTOs.


Startup Accelerator Program



  • Raise brand awareness, thought leadership and grounded positioning of the accelerator program in the early-stage startup eco-system
  • Create meaningful communications strategies and proceed with tactical execution strategies
  • Handle the social media presence of the brand
  • Amplify the alumni community and enhance its presence in all of Ignite’s marketing platforms (social media, events, speaking opportunities and more)
  • Support lead generation campaigns with high-quality content and well-managed social media and digital campaigns
  • Measure and report on all the different marketing activities performance


  • Content strategy for social media and thought leadership
  • Social media management for Ignite company page and executive team
  • Optimization of lead and demand generation
  • Visual identity and concept
  • Targeted messaging for personas: VCs and early-stage startups


  • Clear messaging in all marketing collateral per target audience
  • Branded images and banners
  • Social engagement
  • Social media Gantt
  • PR
  • Blog posts
  • Digital advertising campaigns
  • On-site events and meetups


  • Created a strong brand identity
  • Increased LinkedIn followers by 289%
  • Amplified executive team as thought leaders in the ecosystem via social media, speaking opportunities, blogs and global\local PR articles
  • Amplified Ignite alumni community via the Ignite social media platforms, speaking opportunities at Ignite events and more.
  • Generated a database list of 330 leads