3D Imaging Processors

3D Imaging Processors



As amazing as VR/AR is, the technology that powers it looks like a small indistinct computer chip that only engineers can appreciate. The story we created for Inuitive is about the technology being the cornerstone of creation. Much like how Jack’s magic bean in Jack and the Beanstalk led him to a fantasy world, so does this small chip open the door for engineers to create endless virtual worlds.

Our goal is not just to tell Inuitive’s story, but to also position the brand as a category leader, one whose technology is embedded in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones, robots and autonomous cars.


Inuitive designs powerful multi-core processors that serve as vision processors in the areas of augmented reality and virtual reality, including drones, robots and autonomous cars. Its latest offering, the NU4000, makes smart devices even smarter by fusing advanced artificial intelligence with 3D imaging, computer vision and deep learning capabilities.




Marketing Objectives

  • Create global business opportunities
  • Generate awareness and interest
  • Gain a foothold in the multi-core processor category
  • Set apart from the competition
  • Position the brand as a category leader in its own right


  • Position Inuitive’s processor as the core component, the cornerstone for all XR creations, enabling innovators and engineers to create magnificent technologies and products
  • Develop the brand identity as the leader of the XR processor category, synonymous with endless creation ability and technological brilliance, while being easily understood.
  • Target both decision makers and engineers with a top-down and bottom-up strategy
  • Demonstrate that this processor can implemented within a variety of markets, across multiple verticals
“Working with SAGE took our marketing quality across all aspects from the middle ages straight to the 21st century.”
- Gur Dror, VP Business Development


  • Naming processes and iconic messaging
  • Manage trade show appearances - messaging, presentations, speaking opportunities and print collateral
  • Messaging and content: use cases, professional articles, white papers
  • Thought leadership and PR
  • Product capabilities demonstration through photo and video



  • Inuitive won the "Startup to Watch" award at the AWE Conference
  • Presenting comprehensive and consistent set of sales enablement tools
  • Inuitive has earned exposure in professional magazines and outlets
  • Big AR/VR players are showing interest in Inuitive’s technology