How SAGE Helped LeapXpert (FinTech) Streamline Marketing and Sales Processes by using HubSpot


LeapXpert is a global FinTech innovative software company that enables businesses to communicate via instant messaging platforms securely and compliantly. LeapXpert’s award-winning Communication Platform is designed for regulated industries and is being used by the largest financial institutions, banks, legal, and healthcare companies.

Industry: Software for Instant Message Capturing, Archiving, and Compliance

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Integrate existing business processes, unify all data, and automate processes onto a single CRM platform

Streamline lead generation and increase conversion rates by improving the customer website experience

Create synchronization between various sales and marketing tools


Growth in direct traffic leads


Lead increase from direct traffic in just a few months


Of the leads received were MQLs


LeapXpert was looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to integrate with their existing business processes, streamline their sales and marketing activities, and improve the customer experience while optimizing the selling processes to increase conversion. They had been using various tools to manage their sales and marketing activities, but the lack of integration between them was causing inefficiencies and duplications in their workflows. They wanted a single platform that could unify their data, automate their processes, and provide insights into their customer interactions. Furthermore, they wanted to streamline lead generation through their new website by implementing a carefully planned customer journey.


SAGE Marketing recommended HubSpot as a comprehensive solution that could meet LeapXpert's requirements. We conducted a thorough analysis of LeapXpert's existing systems, business processes, and customer interactions to determine the optimal configuration of HubSpot for their needs. Using these insights, we provided a detailed roadmap for the implementation, including detailed timelines, milestones, and deliverables. Furthermore, we created precise, prioritized action items and got to work.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Conducted thorough analysis of existing systems and workflows
  • Crafted detailed roadmap for implementation, including timelines, milestones, deliverables, and action items.
  • Migrated LeapXpert’s existing data from various sources such as spreadsheets, emails, and other CRM tools to HubSpot.
  • Customized HubSpot to match unique business needs, including configuring the sales pipeline, creating custom fields, and automating workflows.
  • Integrated HubSpot with all essential business tools such as LeapXpert’s new website, email inboxes, calendars, etc. to ensure a seamless flow of data between systems and the optimized customer journey.
  • Provided comprehensive training to LeapXpert's sales and marketing teams to ensure they could use HubSpot effectively and efficiently.


  • Lead Generation

  • 1000% growth in direct traffic leads
  • 90% of leads were MQLs
  • Growth from 74 to 784 leads from direct traffic in just a few months

What the client
had to say

The combination of SAGE Marketing and HubSpot has proven to be highly effective, especially for a FinTech SaaS company like ours where speed to market is crucial. SAGE's wealth of marketing knowledge and best practices, which have helped to optimize our processes and streamline our sales and marketing activities.

Joy Deep Director of Digital Marketing at LeapXpert

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