From University Lab to Global Recognition:
How SAGE Launched the Living Optics' Revolutionary Product


Living Optics, founded by Oxford University alumni, is on a mission to change the way we see the world around us. Their pioneering technology captures data inaccessible to the human eye and conventional cameras and delivers information in an affordable and portable solution for a diverse range of industrial and consumer applications.

Headquartered in the U.K, they sought a partner with a proven track record of success who could kick off their marketing and boost the product launch of their unique camera. They chose SAGE for having a great competitive edge over their British rivals - the Israeli “start-up nation” mindset and a unique CMO-as-a-service business model (you can read about the start-up nation mentality in our eBook).

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Establish Living Optics as a leading globally recognized and commercialized brand by creating credibility in the ecosystem

Set Living Optics’ camera as a breakthrough solution for computer vision developers in the Hyperspectral Imaging industry

Launch Living Optics' groundbreaking Hyperspectral Imaging Camera with maximum impact


Speaking opportunities at the conference


Increase in new website visitors


Interviews with credible media outlets


Living Optics, despite its revolutionary product, recognized the need for a strategic approach to translate its vision into a successful brand and product launch. SAGE recommended setting the sights at SPIE Photonics West, the premier annual photonics conference and trade show in San Francisco, attracting the world's leading researchers and technologists. This strategic decision aimed to leverage the event's reach and recognition to drive Living Optics onto the global stage. Key challenges included:

Establishing a unique brand identity: Cutting through the competitive noise and defining a clear, differentiating brand tone for Living Optics in the hyperspectral imaging industry.

Developing a holistic marketing event strategy: Creating a comprehensive pre-launch, launch, and post-launch plan to maximize impact and effectively guide Living Optics through each stage, setting the foundation for future growth.


SAGE orchestrated a meticulously structured pre-launch half-a-year plan which included creating the LO’s story and brand messaging positioning the company as a unique disruptive solution - different from the competition. Creating all the infrastructure before the launch to make sure the company has manifested and stunning brand-new website and collateral, as well as featuring captivating visuals and a compelling product video. The social platforms as well as the CRM are ready and tuned to collect traction. Through media outreach and a refreshed corporate movie positioned Living Optics as an industry expert.

At the heart of the strategy was the show itself. At the elegantly designed 36 sq. metre booth, captivating graphics showcase the camera's diverse uses. Three demo areas and dedicated seating areas facilitated interaction with potential customers. A comprehensive promotional campaign and targeted outreach ensured high visibility and connections with key journalists and potential leads.

Our role

This successful product launch was about strategically investing in key areas to maximize impact. This included:

  • Leading strategy, go2market plan, and messaging including a unique value proposition resonating with the target audience.
  • Pre-show website development and content creation.
  • Public relations outreach and press release crafting.
  • Trade show booth design and engagement.
  • CRM implementation, lead generation activities, and building relationships with potential customers, partners, and media.


  • The strategic product launch, powered by SAGE Marketing, resulted in:

  • Brand awareness boost: 30% website traffic surge and 25% follower growth on LinkedIn (with 100% engagement boost) demonstrate the success of pre-launch efforts.
  • Industry recognition established: Living Optics' strategic press outreach positioning them as a thought leader, resulted in over 4 editorial placements in major publications and additional speaking opportunities at further technical conferences.
  • Qualified leads: Targeted pre-show outreach and an engaging booth experience generated a quality lead pipeline, matching the company’s planned KPIs.

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