Refreshing the Morphisec brand identity both textually and visually, in order to set them apart within the cybersecurity space.


Morphisec's world-leading prevention-first software stops ransomware and other advanced attacks from endpoint to the cloud. Morphisec stops the attacks that bypass signature-based or behavior-based detection, complementing and boosting next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response solutions.

Prevention-first security that stops undetectable attacks before they can execute. We add the final layer of Defense-in-Depth to NGAV, EPP, EDR/XDR and MDR by closing their in-memory security gap with proactive runtime protection that stops the most disruptive attacks in-memory others don’t. Industry: B2B Cybersecurity.

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Highlight the brand's unique value within the cybersecurity space through the use of updated and distinctive visuals.

Refresh the brand identity textually to better reflect the company's position within the cybersecurity industry.

Utilize the updated brand identity to better communicate the company's unique value proposition to potential customers and partners.


Morphisec, a cybersecurity company, realized that its old brand identity, which included dark colors and visuals, was not accurately representing their core values and what they stood for as a company.

They wanted to change this perception and present themselves in a way that was more aligned with their values, mission and vision. By updating their brand identity, Morphisec aimed to improve the way their customers and prospects perceived them and their brand, which could help them better convey their value proposition and increase brand recognition. The new brand identity also helped them differentiate themselves from their competitors, making them more memorable and distinctive in a crowded and highly competitive market.


The process of choosing the new brand identity concept for Morphisec began with a brand identity audit. During this audit, Sage Marketing conducted interviews with key members of the leadership team to gain a deeper understanding of the unique value that Morphisec provides. The focus of this audit was on Morphisec's core offering of Moving Target Defence.

After conducting the audit, it was determined that the concept of "floating doors" was the most effective metaphor for Morphisec's moving target defense. The metaphor of floating doors refers to the idea of constantly changing and shifting the location, access points, and vulnerabilities of a system in order to make it more difficult for attackers to successfully infiltrate. This approach is used to increase the overall security of a system by making it more unpredictable and harder to target.

The concept of floating doors was chosen as the preferred updated brand concept because it effectively communicates the unique value of Morphisec's moving target defense. The metaphor of floating doors is easy to understand, and it effectively communicates the idea of a constantly changing and adapting system that is difficult for attackers to target. Additionally, the metaphor of floating doors aligns well with Morphisec's focus on providing advanced security solutions for businesses and organizations.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Conducted a brand identity audit.
  • Interviewed key members of the leadership team.
  • Gathered insights on Morphisec’s unique value proposition.
  • Focused on Morphisec’s core offering of Moving Target Defence.
  • Evaluated multiple potential metaphors / visual concepts.
  • Wrote a complete brand narrative that highlights ‘Moving Target Defense’ as the company’s unique value.
  • Determined the metaphor of "floating doors" as the most effective for Morphisec's moving target defense.

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