Positioning P-Cure as the gold standard technology in proton therapy solution for cancer care patients.


P-Cure shifts the paradigm of patient positioning and real-time adaptive therapy to maximize the benefits of proton therapy. The BioTech company delivers a comprehensive solution for precise patient treatment planning and delivery, and expands access to proton therapy with more affordable proton facilities. P-Cure puts the patient first.

Introducing new technology is challenging; adding human life to the equation makes it truly monumental. P-Cure is a unique company standing at the forefront in the war against cancer. P-Cure brought on SAGE to help them differentiate themselves from the technologic giants in the category – and that’s just what we did.

Industry: Patient Centric Proton Therapy.

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Create brand awareness through relationships with Beam Manufacturers, Treatment Planning Providers and Center Developers; and to create pull through demand from health care providers and radiation oncology centers.

Be recognized as the “gold standard” for imaging and positioning in proton/radio oncology therapy.

Build awareness and credibility with potential investors and collaboration with market leaders in the field.


It’s extremely challenging to introduce new technology into the medical tech space, since human lives are involved and trust-building is difficult. P-Cure needed to both build trust and differentiate themselves from the technological giants in the category in order to build brand awareness and increase lead generation.


P-Cure brought on SAGE to help them tackle their challenges. From brand development to strategy and implementation, SAGE worked hand in hand with P-Cure, truly serving as their external CMO, and taking them to new heights as an industry giant in their own right.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Create new brand story — Patient Centric Proton Therapy.
  • Establish a new visual identity based on the new brand story and new tone and voice with strong messages.
  • Build database of potential business partners, medical physicists, hospital owners and analysts.
  • Created demand generation programs to elevate the brand, create awareness and demand that will engage targeted audiences.


  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Created a 5000-contact database comprised of business partners and doctors.
  • Gained strategic media exposure via PR.

What the client
had to say

Sarit revitalized our brand completely. She's brilliant and a master marketer.

Michael Marash Founder & CEO

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