How SAGE transformed a pre-seed startup with a vision into a successful company with a holistic business model.


Thinkz' revolutionary technology enables live connectivity between different types of IoTs, creating a responsive, comprehensive, real-time network of all Things. They thought of use cases and began developing a product that would enable their vision to come to life.

Industry: IoT Data Transformation for Smart Cities.

open website


Strategize on appropriate target audience and industry, and implement brand awareness tactics to reach them.

Create business model.

Craft initial messaging and strategy for marketing materials and business development.


Cities powered by Thinkz


Increase in LinkedIn followers


New contacts


Thinkz was a company with an incredible vision, but they needed help turning it into an actionable go-to-market plan. Without a defined target audience, brand, or messaging, Thinkz needed an in-house marketing team to build and execute their marketing management and strategy.


The SAGE team immediately became an integral part of Thinkz, fully immersing in the industry and conducting in-depth research on competitors. Based on the insights, SAGE built the Thinkz brand, including pinpointed, unique messaging, an eye-catching brand language, and a new website from the ground-up. Simultaneously, we created a strategic go-to-market plan that included trade shows, brand awareness, lead generation, and more. Thinkz now boasts an amazing sales kit, investors deck, one pager, presentation template, and most importantly, a fully functioning, lead generating marketing funnel.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Analyzed competitor activity.
  • Built brand and messaging across all platforms.
  • Created connections with relevant industry players.
  • Established an effective CRM function, including lead nurturing and automated marketing campaigns.
  • Crafted and utilized relevant assets for social media and website promotion.
  • Conducted LinkedIn outreach, paid digital advertising, and email marketing.
  • Generated relevant leads and nurtured them into business deals.


  • Lead Generation

  • 8 cities powered by Thinkz.
  • 3 large-scale companies cooperating with Thinkz.
  • 700% increase in LinkedIn followers.
  • 1,450 new contacts.

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With SAGE, you can close your eyes and fall backward: more than one person will be there to catch you.

Gady Vekslar CEO at Thinkz

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