Driving the Meteoric Rise of an Emerging Secure Remote Workforce Solution


Venn redefines Secure BYO-PC environments with its proprietary technology, ensuring that work applications operate within a Secure Enclave, shielding business activities from personal use and enhancing employee autonomy and privacy.

Riding on the popularity of remote work post-pandemic, Venn’s new patented approach to securing remote work is exactly what the globally hiring workforce needs. With a radically simplified and less costly solution to any existing alternative technology and methodology, Venn just needed a way to get the word out and generate leads in. They turned to SAGE Marketing to help create what is now a well-oiled marketing machine generating X10 qualified business opportunities, and a growing reputation that redefines the BYOD market.

open website


Create and execute a fast-growing GTM strategy & plan

Turn Venn’s marketing operation into a well-oiled inbound & outbound machine

Gain brand recognition and trust

Top-of-Funnel Demand-gen - to multiply SQLs and Quarterly meetings by X8

Achieve X10 amount of new customers by the end of the year


Qualified meetings and opportunities


Website traffic growth


New customers above expected


Generate awareness of a completely new brand, with no history, and that does not appear on Google's first page even by its name.

Lack of trust and recognition. How to turn this new brand into a trusted, recognized solution, so when the target audience does some research, they will meet a serious brand.

No high-quality leads, no booked product demos, empty pipe. How to start feeding the pipe, and the new BDR team.

Make sure that marketing & sales are well orchestrated, and that all incoming leads are treated as they should be.


SAGE seamlessly integrated itself as Venn's entire marketing department, offering a holistic solution spanning strategy, infrastructure, and execution.

Armed with clear messaging and experience, SAGE aimed to boost Venn's digital presence both online and offline, securing recognition, awards, and event sponsorships, while improving the website's appearance and content.

Developing a content strategy and lead-generation materials, alongside social media efforts, resulting in a streamlined marketing and sales process. Sage achieved to provide Venn with improved performance across all channels, beyond expected revenue growth, and a strong market position.

Our role

  • Built a scalable, converting and well-rounded lead-to-customer journey.
  • Established an automated and seamless marketing to sales operation.
  • Multiplied SQLs and Quarterly meetings by X8.
  • Positioned Venn as a leading brand in SERPs in a competitive landscape.

What the client
had to say

"SAGE Marketing has acted as our outsourced marketing function for almost everything. Our success to date is largely due to their strategy and execution. SAGE enabled us to transition from an early start-up to a mature company."

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