SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one B2B marketing channel that plays a key role in demand generation initiatives, impacting organic search traffic and leads as a percentage of total inbound marketing efforts.

SEO can deliver strong and consistent results:

  • Increased traffic.
  • Increased brand credibility.
  • Improved ROI.
  • Increased leads and sales.
  • Competitive advantage.

SEO, when done well, helps companies achieve real goals. It is a must for companies that want to be competitive, grow, and see returns on investment. If your website does not contain viable content, then no matter how much money or time you spend on SEO, it is wasted.

SAGE will help you develop an SEO strategy that focuses on constructing awareness with keyword research and terminology. We will provide continuous measurement, analysis and reporting to show the quality of your website’s traffic and track organic conversions to better serve your business needs. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one method in your lead generation tool belt that help you gain new leads. Landing pages are dedicated to one main conversion, which helps focus the action leads should take. They provide information to potential customers, such as a summary of the product or service.

Landing pages target specific buyer personas and can be placed in highly targeted media outlets, helping your company outperform its company’s lead goals. It is one aspect of a marketing campaign in which you can drive people to take the desired action. Landing pages enable you to more effectively nurture your target audience based on interests and provided information.

Landing pages can accommodate many places in the sales funnel. With an offer like a whitepaper or eBook, you can convert a high percentage of website visitors into new leads. By sending targeted emails to new leads, you can drive them to landing pages with content. The content smooths the path to convert prospects into sales leads with supporting case studies, demo videos, and/or a product brochure.

Most importantly, the landing pages:

  • Collect customer information.
  • Boost company SEO.
  • Increase conversion rates.

SAGE is devoted to setting up your digital marketing campaign, tracking ROI, and making your life a whole lot easier.

Content and Messaging

Content and documentation can help redefine your business, from disseminating information about your products to providing solutions.

Content doesn’t necessarily promote the brand but stimulates interest in its products or services by association. Companies should consider how they can utilize content marketing to stay ahead of the competition.  

Creating meaningful, engaging, and valuable content and spreading it on the right channels efficiently is what really matters. By leveraging content, we can build and nurture trust with a prospective client before the conventional sales cycle begins.

Our goal of marketing is not only to make sales, but also to make repeat sales. We can help you reach your target audience and convert your existing and new leads at a much quicker pace. Content marketing could revive an old relationship or spark a new interest in something that the customer hadn’t thought of previously. Content marketing can be an especially powerful way to bolster your business credibility.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to technology that automates marketing tasks and actions across all channels. A marketing automation platform is used to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all marketing efforts and campaigns, both online and offline. 

For example, it simplifies lead scoring, social media content publishing, email workflows management, and is a highly effective way for businesses to personalize their marketing communications to nurture prospects along the buyer’s journey.

According to research, about 79% of B2B marketers worldwide use marketing automation. This number keeps growing across all industry verticals and amongst companies of all sizes.

The many benefits of B2B marketing automation include:

  • Sales and marketing team alignment.
  • More qualified leads and faster lead conversion time.
  • More closed deals and higher lifetime value of customers.
  • Higher customer engagement and retention.
  • Higher open rates and CTRs for segmentation and personalization.
  • Improved marketing ROI monitoring.
  • Reduced human errors in marketing campaigns.
  • Reduced staff expenses (no need to hire several people).
  • Improved marketing productivity: saved time and increased efficiency.

SAGE’s global B2B marketing experts will make sure that marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are placed into a nurturing campaign workflow until they become sales qualified leads (SQLs). Our goal is to create efficient processes for your sales team, so that they are only focusing on converting pre-qualified SQLs and not wasting time on unqualified leads. 

We develop a complete B2B inbound marketing plan to increase the number of relevant leads for your business with a range of marketing tactics, including: 

  • Landing pages.
  • Marketing workflows.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Lists segmentation.
  • Lead scoring.
  • CRM integration.
  • Social media management.

Website Development
and Maintenance

Your website has way more impact on your business than you give it credit for. Having a website not only helps people find your business, but also plays a key role in encouraging them to engage with you. Your website is the face of your business in the online world, your online sales representative, and one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers.

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies big and small to engage and retain customers. Regular monitoring of your website is a must for keeping your business running efficiently.

Here are the key benefits of website maintenance:

  • Visibility: It will help potential prospects find you and consider your business as a solution to their business challenges. Online reviews, testimonials and content on other websites will further bolster your website’s visibility on search engines (SEO) and increase your credibility, all of which will drive more targeted traffic to your website.
  • Low-cost advertising and more opportunities to generate new customers: When your website is up and running, search engine optimized (SEO) and aligned, it will engage with and convert leads and will keep on delivering results for your business at a minimal cost.
  • Sales: Your website works around the clock to drive sales and generate online revenue. Your website must be equipped with the right content and tools if it’s to capture the interest of visitors and encourage them to engage.
  • Convenience and engagement: Prospects can visit your website 24/7 for support or information about the company’s products and services.

Your website is the first impression and the first touchpoint your customers will have with your business. One of our goals at SAGE is to help our clients keep their website fresh and relevant, while improving its content, so that prospects will find what they are looking for and search engines will give your website higher rankings.

Your website is the core of your marketing activity, and without regular maintenance, improvement, and support, it will fail to reflect the business’ up-to-date positioning and messaging. We have a network of highly skilled developers and graphic designers to create the most advanced and visually stunning website for your startup.

Our support includes:

  • Web design and development.
  • Support and management.
  • Content strategy.
  • Digital strategy.
  • Monitoring and analytics.

Powerful Sales
Enablement Tools

Sales enablement means enabling the sales team to sell via various tools or educational materials. SAGE creates effective tools that help your sales team close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These include:

  • Consistent messaging to strengthen the brand. 
  • Welcome and marketing emails.
  • Company brief and product overview presentations.
  • Brochures, white papers, product one-pagers, and case studies.
  • Webinars and educational sessions.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Product/Testimonial/Demo Videos.
  • FAQ’s.

Sales and marketing team alignment is one of our top priorities, and as part of our efforts at SAGE, we set up frequent meetings to receive updates from our client’s sales team, exchange valuable information with them, and set up goals to generate more leads and increase revenue.