B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to a software and technology that automates marketing tasks and actions across all channels. A marketing automation platform is used to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all marketing efforts and campaigns, both online and offline. For example, it simplifies lead scoring, social media content publishing, email workflows management, and is a highly effective way for businesses to personalize their marketing communications to nurture prospects along the buyer’s journey.

According to research, about 79% of B2B marketers worldwide are using marketing automation. This number keeps growing across all industry verticals and amongst companies of any size.

The many benefits of B2B marketing automation include:

  • Sales and marketing team alignment
  • More qualified leads and faster lead conversion time
  • More closed deals and higher lifetime value of a customer
  • Higher customer engagement and retention 
  • Higher open rates and CTRs for segmentation and personalization
  • Improved marketing ROI monitoring
  • Reduced human errors in marketing campaigns
  • Reduced staff expenses (no need to hire several people)
  • Improved marketing productivity: saved time and increased efficiency

SAGE global B2B marketing experts will make sure that marketing qualified leads (MQLs) will be placed in a nurturing campaign workflow until they become sales qualified leads (SQLs). Our goal is to create efficient processes for your sales team, so that they are only focusing on converting pre-qualified SQLs, and not wasting time on unqualified leads. 

We develop a complete B2B inbound marketing plan to increase the number of relevant leads for your business with a range of marketing tactics, including: 

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