Marketing (ABM)

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Multi-channel, cross-marketing approach using:

  • Email marketing.
  • LinkedIn outreach.
  • Data scraping and enrichment.

Generating leads geared towards:

  • Customers.
  • Partners.
  • Resellers and more.

To fulfill the following objectives:

  • Scale-up sales.
  • Schedule demo calls.
  • Schedule intro and discovery calls.
  • Registration.
  • Meetings.

Our services are highly customizable, and the team will operate as a direct extension of yours. You will work with consistent resources and will enjoy full autonomy and visibility throughout the process and the campaigns.

You sell productswe sell meetings.

The process – LinkedIn & Direct Email 

Onboarding – Research, Learning & Planning (Up to 4 weeks).

  • Kick-off meeting to better understand your business objectives, goals, your product, the target audience, and the competition.
  • Defining campaign personas.
  • Setup & preparations.
  • Launch.


  • Data management (scraping & enrichment).
  • Multi-channel, cross-marketing outreach.
  • Sending connection requests on LinkedIn.
  • Sending 1st LinkedIn message & email messages.
  • Follow-ups, cadences & sequences of all types, and in multiple versions.
  • Detailed personalization & ABM.

Scale-up, testing, monitoring, reporting.

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