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The marketing plan is a detailed roadmap that we create in order to outline marketing tactics, costs, and projected results over a period of time. The marketing plan considers business goals, products & road map, budget and KPIs (key performance indicators). 

good marketing plan includes:

  • Detailed goals by product, distribution channel and customer segment.
  • Sales enablement plan and tools.
  • Positioning tactics.
  • Major marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed budget and timeline.

The plan should clearly state the criteria for success by time period
(3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

The KPIs are divided into categories:

Quantitative KPIs (mainly when lead generation is the primary marketing objective) can be the number of leads, number of MQLs (marketing qualified leads), number of SQLs (sales qualified leads), and various breakdowns of such by product or channel.

Qualitative KPIs (mainly when brand awareness is the primary marketing objective) measure quality. For example, which media publications mentioned the organization, website traffic (direct and referral) versus paid traffic (sponsored, awards and recognition), etc.

KPIs and goals can also be strategic, and it helps to simplify growth targets into visitor volume, quality, and value. For example, expansion into a new market with a new distribution channel or repositioning of the brand to reflect a change in the market or in a company.

The marketing plan we create contains:

  • The structure of an effective campaign plan to generate leads, nurture prospects, market to existing customers, and empower sales.
  • A complete range of integrated marketing activities across multiple channels including email marketing, social media, print, events & trade shows, content, PR, and more.

At SAGE, we periodically revisit the plan, measure our progress,
and adjust if needed.

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