Sales Pipeline

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On the job, ongoing sales training
and support for the sales team.

Step 1: Set up.

  • Demo kit – analysis, set up, team training.
  • Elevator pitch.
  • Competitive deck (including Demo analysis, pricing, and product offering). 
  • Pricing structure.
  • Sales automation process – specification.
  • Resources playbook for distributors.
  • Product cheat sheet. 
  • Q&A.
  • Testimonials.
  • Email templates (Biz Dev and Sales).

Step 2: Distributors and channel management.

  • From SQL to customer: structuring effective sales prospects – how to manage leads, shortening sales cycle.
  • Distributor management – goals, KPIs, sales support, and tools.
  • Launching and managing automation of sales process (HubSpot).
  • Competitor info, comparison guides. 

Step 3: Ongoing sales management.

  • Ongoing sales management – weekly meetings with distributors, sales team, market opportunities.
  • Trade shows – participation and sales management before and after show meetings, follow-ups).
  • Supporting price quotes and RFPs.

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