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With over 20 years of hi-tech marketing experience, we know how best to position your company amongst your competitors. How? By conducting objective and highly accurate competitive analysis to determine how we can highlight your company’s unique value proposition.

A great B2B go-to-market strategy is a must, and it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Our extensive market research paints a complete picture of:

  • Audiences and decision-makers.
  • Buyer journey.
  • Competitors’ positioning and messaging.
  • Sales strategy.
  • Value proposition.
  • Target audiences’ pain points.

    We believe in the importance of people-to-people connections, and we work hard to ensure the tone and voice of our marketing materials always foster this.

    The elements of a successful marketing strategy should always include:

    Understanding the ‘buyer persona’

    • Who are your customers? Who are the decision-makers within the company?
    • Who are the users? Where are they?
    • What work challenges keep them up at night? 
    • What core problem does your product solve for your target customers? Do you solve this problem with a unique technology or process?

    We approach potential customers based on various relevant attributes such as demographics, buyer behaviors, attitudes, or needs (i.e., segmentation), and then we identify the segments most attractive to you (the ones you are best able to serve – i.e., targeting).

    Market segmentation

    It is a key process in any marketing strategy that uses insights from market research to determine who is most likely to purchase your product, solution, or service. What we’re looking for is not just someone that could potentially buy your solution, but someone that needs to buy it. Our messaging and approach is tailor-made in a granular way to each one of the verticals we decide to approach. 

    B2B go-to-market strategy

    It solves a compelling business problem in a differentiated manner. It is based on market and buyer personas, market trends, competition, product offerings, and pricing. Moreover, it is important to consider the best way to reach customers: direct? via distribution? channels? partners?

    Brand strategy

    It is essential for companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. Your brand strategy defines what you stand for and how you communicate with the market. What is the single most important value that your company presents to the world? We believe in the importance of a coherent brand identity, and once a company gets its brand just right, it is likely that all the other parts of the marketing mix will fall into place. Branding sits at the core of a company’s philosophy because a company’s brand makes the company who it is. 

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