How SAGE helped Tadiran to recruit in only 4 months, 13 distributors, and shorten its time to market by 100%.


For over 60 years, Tadiran has applied its engineering knowledge to the development and manufacture of world class air conditioners. Now, they are putting their air expertise to work to create patent-proven air quality technologies that are the most safe and effective technology on the market.

Tadiran Group took a strategic decision to enter the global indoor air purification market. With SAGE's help, the company is now a globally recognized brand with distribution and channels in 12 countries.

Industry: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions.

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Establish brand awareness and thought leadership in the global air conditioner and air purification market.

Build the go-to-market strategy and create the proper infrastructure to search for the best channels, build relationships with them, and support them on an ongoing basis.

Fill the pipeline with relevant leads and convert them into customers.


Distributors were acquired, with many more in the pipeline.


Increase in social media followers.


Increase in website traffic (after only 9 months).


Tadiran Group has been creating world-class air conditioners since 1962 by applying its engineering knowledge to development, manufacturing, and innovation. After becoming a market leader of Israeli air conditioning, Tadiran took a strategic decision to enter the global indoor air purification market. 

Who did they turn to? SAGE. In their search for a partner to help them go global, Tadiran found SAGE. The objectives were to establish the company as a global leader in indoor air purification technology by developing a global brand with a distinguished tech story and visual language, identifying the right go-to-market strategy and searching for distribution channels, and by generating more incoming leads.


First, we conducted in-depth research and mapped out the global market. Based on our analysis, we crafted unique, differentiated messaging and branding to help Tadiran stand out. Then, to multiply revenue and business growth, we launched marketing activities to connect with air conditioner distributors, such as attending conferences and trade shows. Furthermore, we created engaging PPC campaigns and useful content such as blogs and ebooks. Boasting a brand new website, Tadiran is now a globally recognized brand with distribution channels in 12 countries, 13 distributors, and constantly increasing website traffic, social media engagement, and leads.

Our role

In order to achieve the goals we took the following actions:

  • Map the air purification global market and investigating the competitive landscape to find a unique value proposition.
  • Prioritize leading markets for global penetration.
  • Establish the global indoor air quality SAGE marketing team at Tadiran group offices and work on an ongoing basis to execute the brand promise and the marketing strategy Build a strong global brand with unique tone and voice and outstanding look and feel Create effective lead generation campaigns to bring in more distributors and contracts Refresh brand and messaging.
  • Conduct and manage paid digital advertising, LinkedIn outreach, and email marketing Set up streamlined CRM operations for lead nurturing and automated marketing campaigns.
  • Attend in-person events and conferences to establish brand awareness and build relationships.


  • Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

  • 11 distributors were acquired, with many more in the pipeline.
  • Positioned as thought leader and innovator in air purification technology.
  • Strong, well-known brand identity around the world.
  • 481% increase in social media followers.
  • Website Traffic & SEO

  • 47% increase in website traffic (after only 9 months).
  • 51% increase in organic traffic (after only 9 months).
  • Appearance on first page for 5 SEO key terms.
  • Air purification-related blogs are highly ranked in USA Google search.

What the client
had to say

SAGE left a highly significant professional imprint here.

Erez Paz General Manager

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