Mobile Advertising Solutions

Mobile Advertising Solutions (Ad Tech)

Mobile Advertising Solutions (Ad Tech)

YouAppi is a leading in-app advertising solution that helps premium brands grow their mobile businesses. The platform combines the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a highly optimized user journey that begins with awareness, propels toward purchase and continues to deliver via re-engagement. When SAGE took over all marketing activities at YouAppi, they struggled with branding, product positioning and lacked effective sales tools that could distinguish them from numerous competitors in Ad Tech. The website’s messaging and design was dated, and with little SEO optimization, organic traffic was decreasing. Furthermore, there were significant differences in the lead management processes employed by the company’s sales and marketing departments. SAGE built a brand-new website, marketing strategy and branding for YouAppi. The team produced new blog posts, case studies, and created an arsenal of sales materials to support teams across all geographies. Simultaneously SAGE worked to strengthen YouAppi’s social media marketing activities, cleared and organized Salesforce & Hubspot databases, and executed multiple lead nurturing campaigns. Serving as a global marketing team, SAGE also helped establish common standards and marketing procedures for 15 regional offices.


YouAppi is a leading mobile app marketing and re-targeting platform for premium app publishers and brands. From user acquisition to retention via app re-targeting and re-engagement, the Ad-tech company delivers a comprehensive range of mobile marketing solutions. Powered by machine learning and audience targeting, YouAppi’s proven proprietary app re-targeting technology finds and retains the most profitable users for the largest consumer brands in the world.


Mobile advertising solutions (Ad Tech)


Marketing Objectives

  • Manage and execute YouAppi’s worldwide marketing activities
  • Thought leadership and brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic and rankings
  • Generate business leads
  • Create sales enablement tools and help worldwide offices reach business goals


  • From 360 approach and confusing positioning, transitioning to a full funnel approach, taking into consideration the customer journey and YouAppi’s USPs
  • Combining two leading solutions into a new product bundle (“Better Together” campaign for User Acquisition and Re-engagement products) to generate buzz amongst the target audience and expand YouAppi’s portfolio
  • Working with YouAppi’s regional teams in over 10 countries to create a stronger brand with consistent design, storytelling and unique voice
"Working with SAGE has been great. The team is dedicated, hard-working and efficient and has helped us to go through challenging times and to cover all our global marketing needs" - Meiry Vaknin - VP of Strategic Partnerships.  


  • Targeted email marketing campaigns: planning, executing and supporting key trade shows worldwide
  • Building an arsenal of effective sales enablement tools (landing pages, one-pagers, case studies, product presentations, investors deck and company messages)
  • Building a new website with rich content and modern design aligned with the amended strategy and positioning
  • Producing educational and delighting content though blog posts
  • Strategic social media marketing: building weekly content plans comprising of industry-related posts and branded posts, employee advocacy posts with a team of key stakeholders, thought leadership posts by the company’s CEO
  • In-depth SEO optimization for all website content
  • Regional and global PR campaigns
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing processes, syncing databases in Salesforce and Hubspot, putting in place clear procedures for leads and event management, creating workflows and automation



  • Total website traffic: average monthly increase by 10% (sessions) and 7% (new users)
  • Organic traffic: average monthly increase by 8% (sessions) and 7% (new users)
  • First page in Google search for multiple keywords
  • 134% increase in tracked website conversions (2019 vs. 2018)
  • Social media analytics:
    • 44% increase in impressions
    • 229% increase in interactions
    • 158% increase in clicks
    • 194% increase in shares
  • Trade shows - Successfully attended top global trade shows (9 per quarter on average) including MWC, MAU, ChinaJoy and many others; and organized a number of local YouAppi events to promote new products and grow business in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia. etc.
  • PR - 26 pieces of press coverage in the top industry publications in Q4
  • Email campaigns:
    • 20% average open rates with top emails reaching 60%
    • 5% yearly click rates growth with top emails reaching 10%
  • Landing pages - The view to submission rate grew 136% compared to previous year