How SAGE helped Gaviti double in size and become a leading Account Receivables SaaS provider in the fintech industry.


Gaviti’s platform empowers companies to get more of their invoices paid, faster. The fintech solution optimizes the entire collections process, from perfecting task management to automating highly personalized dunning emails.

In June 2020, Gaviti was a quickly growing startup looking for an in-house team to take over their marketing management, strategy and execution. Industry: Accounts Receivable Collections Software.

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Build marketing from the ground up: defining the strategy, storytelling, go-to-market plan, funnel, assets, and the KPI’s.

Create brand recognition and thought leadership among CFO’s.

Fill the pipeline with relevant leads and nurture them into new business opportunities.


Monthly increase in overall website sessions.


The amount of MQLs from paid gated activities.


Increased in leads in first 18 months.


Gaviti was a quickly growing startup looking for an in-house team to take over their marketing management, strategy and execution. The fintech startup needed a revamp of its business and lead pipeline, as well as holistic marketing strategy and management to take everything to the next level.


The SAGE team took over full marketing ownership from messaging to implementing organic as well as paid campaigns and SEO optimization, conducted CRM on-boarding for marketing automation through HubSpot, and created a variety of engaging marketing assets for PPC campaigns. SAGE also built nurture sequences to fill the funnel with pertinent leads, increasing Gaviti’s business success. Gaviti attended and hosted industry webinars, and is now acknowledged as a leading solutions provider in the industry.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Analyzed competitor activity and maintain a sharp awareness of the AR solutions industry.
  • Refined brand and messaging across all platforms.
  • Connected with industry partners through webinar attendance and hosting.
  • Established an effective CRM function, including lead nurturing and automated marketing campaigns.
  • Created and utilized relevant assets for social media and website promotion.
  • Conducted LinkedIn outreach, paid digital advertising, and email marketing.
  • Generated relevant leads and nurtured them into business deals.


  • Website Traffic & SEO

  • 14x increase in new website visitors from May 2020 (180 new website visitors per month) to October 2021 (over 6,000 new website visitors per month).
  • Over 400% monthly increase in overall traffic (website sessions).
  • Gaviti is now found on the first page in Google searches for several strategic keywords.
  • E-mail Campaigns

  • 19.81% average open rates, with top emails reaching 45%.
  • 5.61% average click-through rate
  • Lead Generation & Content

  • Increased leads by 400% in the first 18 months.
  • Nearly 20% of new leads were generated through sponsoring several live webinars and one-on-one meetings with financial executives.
  • Grew MQLs by 5x from paid gated activities every month using gated assets such as ebooks, white papers, case studies leading to landing pages, etc.

What the client
had to say

Working with SAGE has been a fantastic experience. The team is very dedicated and is always thinking of new ways to elevate our brand and fill our pipeline with relevant leads.

Yan Lazarev Co-founder and CEO

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