Turning Radiflow into a leading OT Cybersecurity company in a market overflowing with competition.


Radiflow is an OT/ICS Cybersecurity vendor focused on protecting industrial environments and critical infrastructure asset owners and operators, utilizing its IDS and Risk Assessment & Management solutions. Its business-driven approach provides CISOs and decision-makers with tools and solutions that help them create brilliant OT security programs towards achieving Cybersecurity Resiliency.

SAGE Marketing was recommended to Radiflow via word of mouth and testimonials from other tech companies, and so the connection was made. Industry: OT/ICS Cybersecurity.

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Establish the company’s presence and awareness in EMEA, USA, and APAC in the relevant industries.

Build a Go-to-Market strategy that would generate demand and create trust and credibility amongst prospect industrial companies.

Create a continuous pipeline of leads that would support the sales department and create high-quality opportunities.


Increase in new leads in the 1st year.


Increase in SQLs in the 1st year.


Growth in website traffic.


As an OT Cybersecurity vendor that was globally growing, Radiflow was looking for someone who could tell their story to the right audiences with the right messaging and create trust & credibility amongst decision-makers in the OT/ICS landscape. They needed a comprehensive solution that would build the go-to-market strategy, along with awareness and lead generation programs.


SAGE Marketing was recommended to Radiflow via word of mouth and testimonials from other tech companies, and so the partnership began. SAGE began by building necessary marketing foundations for Radiflow, including the creation of an engaging, lead-generating website and deploying HubSpot’s CRM system to enable management of the full marketing lifecycle. We then launched campaigns and activities to elevate the brand, create awareness, and drive lead generation with Radiflow’s target audience. With SAGE, Radiflow SQLs increased by 150%, LinkedIn followers more than doubled, and the company is viewed as a thought leader in OT/ICS Cybersecurity.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Defined the positioning and messaging of the company; creating differentiation from its competitors.
  • Built a new website that compels to users and transcends the company’s value proposition, leading to form submissions and Demo requests.
  • Created a constant leads pipeline to enrich the sales funnel with high-quality and relevant leads and opportunities.
  • Deployed a marketing CRM system (Hubspot) to manage a full marketing lifecycle.
  • Created demand generation programs to elevate the brand, create awareness and demand that will engage targeted audiences.
  • Built and managed thought leadership campaigns with leading cybersecurity associations on a global scale to grow the company’s footprint in targeted geographics.


  • Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

  • Increase in total leads grew by 400% in 1 year.
  • Increase in SQLs grew by 150% in 1 year.
  • Content downloads leading to leads grew by 270% in 1 year.
  • Website Traffic & SEO

  • Increase in website traffic - 300% growth in 1 year.
  • 2021 - 2,307 unique visitors; 2022 - 6,960 unique visitors.
  • LinkedIn followers - 500% growth in 1 year.
  • 2021: 1,591 followers 2022: 7,773 followers.
  • LinkedIn Post Engagement rate - 4x more compared to the competition.

What the client
had to say

Working with SAGE Marketing helped us create the necessary marketing foundations to achieve our business goals. Their holistic approach and comprehensive activities contributed to our growth, brand credibility and increased our sales pipeline. That's what you look for when hiring a CMO as a service company!

Ilan Barda CEO Radiflow

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