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HR Tech platform as the leading solution for simplifying the process of recruitment.


Recruiters LineUp is the first and largest recruitment search platform designed to help HR managers find the right recruiting firm for their needs. The platform solves a significant challenge experienced by HR managers in the U.S. having to select from over 20,000 recruitment agencies.

Industry: Recruitment Search Platform

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Position Recruiters LineUp as a free service and a leading brand aimed to help the HR ecosystem when searching for a candidate via recruiting agencies.

Build brand awareness and educate the market that Recruiters LineUp is a completely new type of service in the HR recruitment category.

Generate relevant content categorized by market, geography and profession.

Create both organic and paid digital presence to extend exposure to the Recruiters LineUp service.


Recruiters LineUp needed help pivoting their business to reach a new vertical abroad. They needed marketing experts to help them complete an entire rebrand and build a go-to-market strategy that would capture the attention and business of their new target audience.


Recruiters LineUp sought out SAGE to help them with a complete rebrand. With SAGE’s help, they soon chose a name and brand story, built a new website, and started marketing to those who needed their services most. SAGE provided the industry pioneer with full scale digital marketing strategy and tactics, lead nurturing campaigns, and a steady stream of content to drive leads further down the sales funnel.

Our role

In order to achieve these goals, we took the following actions:

  • Introduced Recruiters LineUp as a necessary service to boost brand awareness.
  • Created demand and generated leads by developing an effective online presence.
  • Ongoing engagement with the HR service users.
  • Built a beautifully interfaced website with easy navigation for users.
  • Refined the entire sales process.
  • Improved all messaging and communication.


  • Positioned Recruiters LineUp as a leading brand in the HR ecosystem.
  • Increased leads, generated traction to the web platform and grew the business.
  • Secured brand awareness.
  • Generated relevant content categorized by market, geography and profession.

What the client
had to say

Sarit led our team to make Recruiters LineUp brand transition exciting. She orchestrated the whole process to make sure our new messages, the user interface and our digital presence are smart and effective.

Oded Rozenblum CEO

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