Transforming an Israeli Veteran's Journey into Global Success with a New Sales Department & Marketing Strategy


For over 30 years, Travel Booster by Galor has provided travel agencies, tour operators, and airline vacation companies the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving travel industry. Travel Booster is a ground-breaking, comprehensive travel SaaS ERP platform comprising three overarching capabilities and business perspectives: manage all business aspects and operations, create and sell travel products.

The Israeli travel industry was dominated by Travel Booster by Galor, but with the desire to go global and gain a competitive advantage over the world's leading travel technology companies, they reached out to Sage Marketing to facilitate the global expansion.

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Expand growth channels and drive sales opportunities

Establish a marketing and sales department from scratch to increase profitability

Develop a new sales methodology from scratch: pricing structure, identifying new market and sales channels, creating new partnerships in the global market

Create brand recognition and thought leadership in the global travel industry.

Generating a steady flow of relevant leads and nurturing them to convert into new sales opportunities.


Leads from the target audience in 14 months


Growth in direct traffic leads


Increase in Demo Requests


In an industry dominated by established competitors and traditional solutions, Travel Booster faced the challenge of standing out and establishing its unique identity.

Moreover, targeting companies with a revenue of 50 million dollars and above posed an additional hurdle, as it required a granular, account-based marketing (ABM) strategy with a longer sales cycle. As Travel Booster tackled these challenges, the company also embarked on building a brand-new sales department from the ground up, adopting innovative sales methods to drive success


Sage became the Sales and Marketing team for Travel Booster, providing a comprehensive solution.

With our expertise, we established new global sales channels, created compelling sales materials and kits, developed holistic sales strategies, implemented various lead generation tactics, built an effective sales methodology, provided leadership and management for the sales team, analyzed and streamlined the sales funnel, conducted thorough market and buyer persona research, executed secret shopper programs, built and managed partner relationships, monitored and grew the sales pipeline, offered inside sales expertise, and conducted competitor mapping to gain unique selling point insights.

Through our partnership as Travel Booster's Sales and Marketing team, we successfully improved their performance, achieved revenue growth, and enhanced their market positioning.

Our role

  • Refining marketing-to-sales goals, targets, and strategies and managing day-to-day sales funnel operations.
  • Create custom sales enablement kits based on comprehensive analysis to achieve optimum return on investment.
  • Develop relationships with business partners and create new sales channels to expand market reach.
  • Assist in establishing effective use of Hubspot for lead tracking, nurturing, and conversion.
  • Develop new methods for maximizing return on investment by analyzing buyer personas, sales processes, and team members.
  • Ensure business growth by providing tools, strategies, and support necessary in a competitive environment.


  • Successful fundraising to penetrate the Spanish market.
  • Winning tenders and securing contracts.
  • Establishing and expanding partnerships with leading sales channels in the US, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, SouthAfrica.
  • A significant increase in the number of optional and opportunistic meetings held in our target countries as a result of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns as well as strategic partnerships
  • Creation and implementation of an effective sales department, complete with a refined sales methodology, auction processes, and digital quoting capabilities.
  • Created and implemented digital sales kit - price list and proposal system, digital presentation
  • In collaboration with the product team, created numerous videos of the system
  • Created over 100 pieces of content including webpages, blogs, ebooks, one pagers, sales presentations

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