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Radiflow is an OT/ICS cybersecurity company that offers products and services to detect, monitor, and mitigate cyber risks in industrial environments.  The company supports end-users and channel partners to provide a fully managed lifecycle of ICS cyber management solutions. 

Radiflow is a global company and has offices and partners in EMEA, USA, and APAC. Its field-proven solutions are deployed in over 7,000 sites worldwide. Several months ago, a majority of the company was bought by a global conglomerate, Sabanci Holdings, who themselves operate in industrial environments, such as Power Generation & Distribution, Energy, and Manufacturing.  

As an OT Cybersecurity vendor that was globally growing, Radiflow needed someone that can tell their story to the right audiences with the right messaging and create trust & credibility amongst decision-makers in the OT/ICS landscape. They needed a comprehensive solution that would build the go-to-market strategy, along with awareness and lead generation programs. SAGE Marketing was recommended to Radiflow via word of mouth and testimonials from other tech companies, and so the connection was made.

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Indoor Robotics is the creator of Tando, a one-of-a-kind flying robot. The solution pairs robotics with AI-powered capabilities to enable the most effective solution for intelligent indoor monitoring and inspection. Partnering with global leaders in the security and smart building arenas and led by top experts, Indoor Robotics is shaping the future of intelligent indoor monitoring.

After raising $15 million in their Series A, Indoor Robotics wanted to use the funding to reach aggressive business goals. But first, they needed to recruit a large number of talented new employees for technology positions.

Who did they turn to? SAGE. One of Indoor Robotics’ main objectives when hiring SAGE was to focus on employer branding efforts. The company realized that hiring is a matter of strategic marketing strategy. That’s where the SAGE approach and expertise came in – knowing how to create a strong emotional connection between the company and its current and potential employees. So, we didn’t waste time advertising how many ice cream flavors they had in the office kitchen, but rather crafted creative campaigns that appealed to potential candidates’ emotions. These efforts have been and continue to be extremely successful in filling open positions with ideal candidates and increasing brand awareness among potential candidates.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Tadiran Group has been creating world-class air conditioners since 1962 by applying its engineering knowledge to development, manufacturing, and innovation. After becoming a market leader of Israeli air conditioning, Tadiran took a strategic decision to enter the global indoor air purification market. 

Who did they turn to? SAGE. In their search for a partner to help them go global, Tadiran found SAGE. The objectives were to establish the company as a global leader in indoor air purification technology by developing a global brand with a distinguished tech story and visual language, identifying the right go-to-market strategy and searching for distribution channels, and by generating more incoming leads. First, we conducted in-depth research and mapped out the global market. Based on our analysis, we crafted unique, differentiated messaging and branding to help Tadiran stand out. Then, to multiply revenue and business growth, we launched marketing activities to connect with air conditioner distributors, such as attending conferences and trade shows. Furthermore, we created engaging PPC campaigns and useful content such as blogs and ebooks. Boasting a brand new website, Tadiran is now a globally recognized brand with distribution channels in 12 countries, 11 distributors, and constantly increasing website traffic, social media engagement, and leads.

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Startup Accelerator Program

Intel Ignite is a 12-week deep tech startup accelerator that provides a highly customized program and support system for early-stage startups. The program empowers entrepreneurs with exclusive access to the industry’s most prominent mentors and technologies. The entrepreneurs learn how to harness the best resources and tap into cutting edge technologies—all while accelerating their business growth. Each startup enjoys direct access to Intel’s ecosystem, including a range of technology solutions, technological expertise, research and development, business leaders, and resources. Additionally, the program is committed to bringing startups to the next level with its mentorship-driven program.

Intel Ignite hired SAGE to accelerate its branding and awareness for early-stage startup founders. We crafted compelling messaging for content strategy and developed the positioning and visual identities while establishing a strategic marketing plan that deeply engaged the target audience and created a hype buzz. Furthermore, Intel Ignite’s social media platform (specifically LinkedIn) lacked a comprehensive content strategy as part of the driving force behind its brand’s social media strategy. They required a partner who understood the nuances of their alumni community, their goals, and their missions. They wanted to reflect these values to their audiences via social media and thought leadership content.

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Accounts Receivable Collections Software (Fintech)

Gaviti is an accounts receivable collections software created to help collections teams get paid faster. The innovative solution optimizes the complete collections process, from automating highly personalized dunning emails to perfecting task management. In June 2020, Gaviti was a quickly growing startup looking for an in-house team to take over their marketing management, strategy and execution. With SAGE’s expertise, Gaviti’s business and pipe-line underwent an in-depth revamp. The SAGE team took over full marketing ownership from messaging to implementing organic as well as paid campaigns and SEO optimization, conducted CRM on-boarding for marketing automation through HubSpot, and created a variety of engaging marketing assets for PPC campaigns. SAGE also built nurture sequences to fill the funnel with pertinent leads, increasing Gaviti’s business success. Today, the company’s sales team is working hand in hand with SAGE, who provides all marketing artillery to enable double digits growth for Gaviti. Gaviti, which has more than doubled in size since the beginning of this successful partnership, attends and hosts industry webinars and is acknowledged as a leading solutions provider in the industry.

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Smart Manufacturing Analytics Solutions
(Industry 4.0)

Being a startup with a limited budget and trying to raise more investment and generate more business opportunities, Matics hired SAGE experts to serve as their in-house marketing team and provide full-stack marketing services, from branding, strategy, and positioning to lead generation, nurturing and sales enablement. SAGE constantly worked to better define and sharpen Matics’ value proposition to distinguish the company from numerous Industry 4.0 competitors. In just a few months the SAGE team launched a brand new Matics website with a unique look and feel, driving traffic through SEO-optimized content; established a proper CRM and marketing automation system in Hubspot, generated an array of Sales and Marketing materials, launched numerous PPC and Outreach campaigns and formed strategic partnerships with relevant vendors and industry partners. SAGE also helped improve the company’s Sales and SDR processes and supported Matics in navigating through a very challenging time when the COVID-19 crisis led to severe disruptions and budget cuts.

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Mobile Advertising Solutions (Ad Tech)

YouAppi is a leading in-app advertising solution that helps premium brands grow their mobile businesses. The platform combines the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a highly optimized user journey that begins with awareness, propels toward purchase and continues to deliver via re-engagement. When SAGE took over all marketing activities at YouAppi, they struggled with branding, product positioning and lacked effective sales tools that could distinguish them from numerous competitors in Ad Tech. The website’s messaging and design was dated, and with little SEO optimization, organic traffic was decreasing. Furthermore, there were significant differences in the lead management processes employed by the company’s sales and marketing departments. SAGE built a brand-new website, marketing strategy and branding for YouAppi. The team produced new blog posts, case studies, and created an arsenal of sales materials to support teams across all geographies. Simultaneously SAGE worked to strengthen YouAppi’s social media marketing activities, cleared and organized Salesforce & Hubspot databases, and executed multiple lead nurturing campaigns. Serving as a global marketing team, SAGE also helped establish common standards and marketing procedures for 15 regional offices.

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Knowledge Management

KMS Lighthouse’s platform for knowledge management empowers both call center agents and customers with quick, easy, and accurate information, addressing two major pain points in the industry: lengthy phone calls and lengthy employee training time.

KMS hired SAGE because at the time they had limited number of leads coming in, KMS didn't leverage lead generation and lead nurturing processes, the website also didn't maximize its potential in terms of traffic and quality visits. SAGE provided lead generation, lead nurturing, and drove visitors to the website through a targeted campaign. The “Happy Agent, Happy Customer” campaign aligned the messaging needed to reach the target market and drive sales.

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As amazing as VR/AR is, the technology that powers it looks like a small indistinct computer chip that only engineers can appreciate. The story we created for Inuitive is about the technology being the cornerstone of creation. Much like how Jack’s magic bean in Jack and the Beanstalk led him to a fantasy world, so does this small chip open the door for engineers to create endless virtual worlds.

Our goal is not just to tell Inuitive’s story, but to also position the brand as a category leader, one whose technology is embedded in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones, robots and autonomous cars.

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Introducing new technology is challenging; adding human life to the equation makes it truly monumental. P-Cure is a unique company standing at the forefront in the war against cancer.

P-Cure’s cutting edge solution makes medical treatment accessible to more patients than any competitor, however, it was challenging for them to differentiate themselves from the technological giants in the category. P-Cure brought on SAGE to help them tackle this. From brand development to strategy and implementation, SAGE worked hand in hand with P-Cure, truly serving as their external CMO, and taking them to new heights as an industry giant in their own right.

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Industrial IoT

3DSignals approached SAGE right after they received seed investment from Grove Ventures and decided to present their acoustic IoT solution at the Tube and Pipe trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company founders were uncertain when it came to bringing their breakthrough high-tech solution to a low-tech traditional and conservative market like steel tubes and pipes manufacturing. They were overwhelmed and had little knowledge about how to reach potential customers in the field of manufacturing.

SAGE provided them with every marketing and sales tool to help them succeed at the show, which 3DSignals then achieved with flying colors.

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Metadata Management

When Octopai and SAGE first teamed up five years ago, Octopai knew they couldn’t continue focusing only on R&D, especially with round A quickly approaching. An external CMO like SAGE was exactly what the young startup needed to help launch their go-to-market strategy and proof of concept abroad. Over the past five years of an extremely successful partnership, SAGE has built brand recognition by telling the story of an innovative, esteemed solution that customers can count on. Octopai now boasts a content-rich, mature website fit for a company that supports dozens of loyal customers around the world. The white papers, case studies, and relevant use cases SAGE crafted have made Octopai a source of information for anyone from the industry looking to learn about best practices. Our partnership with Octopai has brought them to the forefront of global conversations around data management and data governance.


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When Recruiters LineUp was considering to pivot their focus and offerings to service specifically HR managers in the U.S. dealing with recruitment and searching for a specific type of recruitment firm, they sought out SAGE to help them with a complete rebrand. With SAGE’s help they soon chose a name and brand story, built a new website, and started marketing to those who needed their services most. SAGE provided the industry pioneer with full scale digital marketing strategy and tactics, lead nurturing campaigns, and a steady stream of content to drive leads further down the sales funnel.

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