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Knowledge Management

KMS Lighthouse’s platform for knowledge management empowers both call center agents and customers with quick, easy, and accurate information, addressing two major pain points in the industry: lengthy phone calls and lengthy employee training time.

KMS hired SAGE because at the time they had limited number of leads coming in, KMS didn't leverage lead generation and lead nurturing processes, the website also didn't maximize its potential in terms of traffic and quality visits. SAGE provided lead generation, lead nurturing, and drove visitors to the website through a targeted campaign. The “Happy Agent, Happy Customer” campaign aligned the messaging needed to reach the target market and drive sales.

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As amazing as VR/AR is, the technology that powers it looks like a small indistinct computer chip that only engineers can appreciate. The story we created for Inuitive is about the technology being the cornerstone of creation. Much like how Jack’s magic bean in Jack and the Beanstalk led him to a fantasy world, so does this small chip open the door for engineers to create endless virtual worlds.

Our goal is not just to tell Inuitive’s story, but to also position the brand as a category leader, one whose technology is embedded in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones, robots and autonomous cars.

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Introducing new technology is challenging; adding human life to the equation makes it truly monumental. P-Cure is a unique company standing at the forefront in the war against cancer.

P-Cure’s cutting edge solution makes medical treatment accessible to more patients than any competitor, however, it was challenging for them to differentiate themselves from the technological giants in the category. P-Cure brought on SAGE to help them tackle this. From brand development to strategy and implementation, SAGE worked hand in hand with P-Cure, truly serving as their external CMO, and taking them to new heights as an industry giant in their own right.

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Industrial IoT

3DSignals approached SAGE right after they received seed investment from Grove Ventures and decided to present their acoustic IoT solution at the Tube and Pipe trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company founders were uncertain when it came to bringing their breakthrough high-tech solution to a low-tech traditional and conservative market like steel tubes and pipes manufacturing. They were overwhelmed and had little knowledge about how to reach potential customers in the field of manufacturing.

SAGE provided them with every marketing and sales tool to help them succeed at the show, which 3DSignals then achieved with flying colors.

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Data Governance

Octopai reached out to SAGE while in seed phase, knowing all too well that they couldn’t continue to focus 100% on R&D ahead of round A. They needed to kick-start their go-to-market activities and proof of concept abroad. An external CMO like SAGE was exactly what Octopai needed as a small startup with limited budget. Our team of experts worked alongside the founders to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, and craft the most compelling and relevant content to keep the audience engaged and funnel-ready. We created Octopai’s digital footprint, and closely monitored developments in order to keep them at the forefront of the global conversation around data management and data governance. Now after 3 years, we’ve managed to significantly strengthen awareness around the Octopai brand as well as generate thousands of leads around the globe. 


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When Recruiters LineUp was considering to pivot their focus and offerings to service specifically HR managers in the U.S. dealing with recruitment and searching for a specific type of recruitment firm, they sought out SAGE to help them with a complete rebrand. With SAGE’s help they soon chose a name and brand story, built a new website, and started marketing to those who needed their services most. SAGE provided the industry pioneer with full scale digital marketing strategy and tactics, lead nurturing campaigns, and a steady stream of content to drive leads further down the sales funnel.

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