Radiflow witnessed growth in business opportunities by 172% by utilizing HubSpot


Radiflow specializes in OT/ICS Cybersecurity, dedicated to safeguarding industrial environments and critical infrastructure. Leveraging its IDS and Risk Assessment and management solutions, Radiflow empowers CISOs and decision-makers with the tools and solutions needed to develop robust OT security programs, ultimately achieving Cybersecurity Resiliency.

The focus is on prioritizing threats through effective risk management solutions. With Radiflow, CISOs can confidently make data-driven decisions and take proactive actions.

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Create a continuous pipeline of leads that would support the sales department and create high-quality opportunities.

Help Radiflow attract visitors, convert leads, close deals, and delight customers. Using the HubSpot platform features such as email marketing, social media management, blogging, marketing automation, lead management, reporting, and analytics.

Streamline marketing and sales, and to better engage with their audience throughout the customer lifecycle.


Growth in Leads


Growth in MQLs


Growth in SQLs


Radiflow started working with SAGE when the only lead source was those who came from Radiflow salespeople's roller decks. The sales cycle and processes were not in place, the lead sources were fragmented, and Leads were not nurtured, and therefore didn’t mature to become a potential deal. Also, there was no prioritization. All leads received the same attention.


Building HubSpot logic into a chaotic marketing and sales environment. From setup to defining processes and automation. In detail: we filtered the different lead sources' defined lifecycle stages, for the SDR attempts (from MQL to SQL), Nurturing processes to those leads who didn’t become mature, dashboards and reports for management to make smart decisions accordingly.

Services Provided:

- Marketing Hub setup

- Sales Hub setup

- Ongoing HubSpot management

Our role

Key Features:

  • Contact management: Organize and track all customer interactions in one place: leads, deals, and customer interactions.
  • Email tracking and notifications: Monitor email opens, clicks, and responses.
  • Deals and pipeline management: Visualize and manage the sales pipeline effectively.
  • Sales analytics and reporting: Track performance metrics and gain insights into your sales activities.
  • Marketing automation: Automate workflows and nurture leads based on behavior.
  • Social media management: Schedule posts, monitor mentions, and analyze performance.
  • Lead capture and forms: Create customizable forms to capture leads on the Radiflows’ website.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards: Allowing Radiflow to gain insights into the sales performance and pipeline health.


  • Lead Generation

  • 2,588% Growth in MQLs
  • 167% Growth in SQLs
  • 166% Growth in Leads
  • 172% Growth in Opportunities

What the client
had to say

"In a competitive cyber market, SAGE provided a comprehensive strategy, including defined KPIs, which significantly increased our activity. As a result, we've consistently doubled our sales year after year."

Ilan Barda CEO at Radiflow

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