From Candidates to Employees — The Art of Becoming an Employer of Choice.

In today’s competitive job market, Employer branding is paving the way to the talent’s and employees hearts.

We believe that Employer Branding is not about how big of a billboard you’re advertising on, the Tesla you offer, or the number of ice cream flavors in your company kitchen.

A strong Employer branding is focusing on the people, the culture, and the company’s unique DNA.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Difficulty overcoming the competition in recruiting new talents.
  • Not getting enough relevant CV’s.
  • Low satisfaction results in internal surveys.
  • Having a hard time to retain employees.
  • Reduced employees engagement.
  • Hard to be active on several social channels at the same time.
  • Not tracking and measuring KPI results of internal communication and intiatives.
  • Difficulty in communicating the right messages internally and externally.

Within 3-4 months, we filled all open positions despite really difficult market conditions and competition for each and every worker.

Ofir Bar Levav Chief Business Officer at Indoor Robotics

EB that attracts and retains top talent

Together, we will crystallize your company’s DNA and deliver it in a clever, authentic way that makes candidates and employees feel connected to the company’s vibe and get a sense of what it’s like to work there.

Our EB journey will start from your Current Positioning, sharpen your Brand, story, with your Employer Value Proposition and talent promise and will lead you to you EB vision (desired positioning) As for Employees retention – we will be making sure current employees are connected to the organization, happy, become brand advocates, and stay for the long run. 
SAGE’s unique model enables our sharp marketers to work from your office, alongside your employees, in order to craft the compelling story your Employer Branding should tell.

Great. So how do you make it happen?

  • Preforming research with current employees and condidates.
  • Creating the Employment Value Proposition (EVP) messaging.
  • Crafting the Employee branding strategy.
  • Development of talent promise, positioning, and employer brand identity.
  • Generate a complete  EVP toolkit, including creative kit, photoshoots, videos, campaigns.
  • On-going management of content Internal communication, and social media efforts.
  • Creating Events.
  • Forming Ambassador and referral programs.
  • Thought leadership content.
  • Levraging through media co-operations.

1 Step 1.

Learning about your brand and establishing your EVP.

2 Step 2.
Working plan

Drawing a plan based on your immediate needs.

3 Step 3.

Presenting the plan and setting goals and KPIs.

4 Step 4.

Launching the project according to plan.

5 Step 5.

Testing, monitoring, measuring and adjusting to maximize results.

Employer branding for startups or employer branding for tech companies,
is the most crucial weapon in the fight over the talent’s heart.
you want to make sure your current employees are connected to the organization, happy, and become brand advocates.

By creating a compelling employer brand, you can communicate your company’s values, culture, and DNA to potential candidates and employees and make them excited to work for your organization.

Together we can make sure your inbox is filled with CV’s, and your office full of employees.

Wanna hear what we can do for your company?

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