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Landing pages are one method in your lead generation tool belt that help you gain new leads. Landing pages are dedicated to one main conversion, which helps focus the action leads should take. They provide information to potential customers, such as a summary of the product or service.

Landing pages target specific buyer personas and can be placed in highly targeted media outlets, helping your company outperform its company’s lead goals. It is one aspect of a marketing campaign in which you can drive people to take the desired action. Landing pages enable you to more effectively nurture your target audience based on interests and provided information.

Landing pages can accommodate many places in the sales funnel. With an offer like a whitepaper or eBook, you can convert a high percentage of website visitors into new leads. By sending targeted emails to new leads, you can drive them to landing pages with content. The content smooths the path to convert prospects into sales leads with supporting case studies, demo videos, and/or a product brochure.

Most importantly, the landing pages:

  • Collect customer information.
  • Boost company SEO.
  • Increase conversion rates.

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