Educational Webinars

Webinars (online seminars) can be an excellent addition to your marketing program. They are a great way to increase awareness, build trust, and generate high-quality leads. A webinar is one of the few B2B global marketing tactics that provides quick, effective results in the form of eligible leads.

Some key advantages of educational webinars are:

  • They reach a targeted audience
  • They engage participants
  • They enhance brand awareness
  • They are cost-effective 

Webinars play a role in generating success stories for the business, and are one of the best marketing and sales tools providing a chance to generate qualified prospect leads. 

A lot goes into creating a webinar. It doesn’t stop at the presentation slides. Posting the webinar is a great way to provide valuable information without having to create new content. SAGE will take the advantage and will reuse the webinar content, such as: 

  • Case study
  • A blog posts
  • Email marketing
  • Create infographic
  • Generate clips for social media
  • And more!
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