Trade-Shows and Events

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has numerous benefits for your business. Trade shows and events are a great way to generate leads, nurture prospects, build brand awareness, expand distribution or enhance relationships with existing customers.

SAGE will provide you with support for any trade show or event, including:

  1. Planning, organizing, coordinating and promoting different types of company and third-party events such as trade shows, partner events, workshops and speaking engagements
  2. Supervising and coordinating the activities of event vendors 
  3. Providing guidance to the sales team exhibiting and participating in the event
  4. Managing event budgets
  5. Preparing necessary contracts 
  6. Coordinating appointments and pre-scheduled meetings

Following up with prospects and sending thank you emails and nurturing campaigns after the show

SAGE Marketing has years of experience navigating trade shows and events to best position your startup, gain exposure and recognition and maximize your results.

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