How Octopai
transitioned from
Pardot to HubSpot
in no time to scale
sales and marketing

Octopai migrated to HubSpot from Pardot and gained actionable insights that accelerated business growth X4.

Octopai migrated to HubSpot from Pardot and gained actionable insights that accelerated business growth X4.

I only regret not migrating sooner!
Jodie Marketing Operations Manager at Octopai

The client

Octopai is a SaaS product that uses machine learning to quickly extract metadata from various platforms and analyze it. It centralizes the metadata and enables organizations to track their movement process. With Octopai, BI analytics groups can access data lineage, discovery, and a data catalog from a single platform.

The Problem

Octopai had been a long-time Pardot user. However,
Pardot failed to meet all their marketing needs,
and frustration was building.

  • Zero clarity into
    their marketing efforts
    leaving it mostly to
  • Additional costs due to the
    necessity to use external
    integrations to complete CRM
  • Time-consuming dependency
    on development for creating
    basic landing pages and other
    marketing infrastructure.
  • No native A/B testing
    for emails to optimize
    over time.
  • No ability to send
    out emails based on
    the recipient's time zone.
  • Chatbots and paid
    campaign management
    are not available.

The Solution

Octopai engaged SAGE’s HubSpot services and embarked on a journey to migrate and consolidate their marketing tech stack to HubSpot. SAGE initiated a methodological migration process, rooted in best practices and customized to fit Octopai’s unique business requirements. 

  • A methodological
    migration process.
  • Adhered
    to deadlines.
  • Excellent service and
    customer support by SAGE.
  • Improved tracking and
    analysis of campaigns,
    identified improvement areas
    and optimized.
  • Based on best practices
    and customization to fit Octopai's unique business requirements.
  • Created tailored campaigns based on individual customer needs to increase engagement and conversion rates.

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The Outcome

SAGE was able to work with Octopai and seamlessly migrated over 25,000 contacts and their entire related information. Nothing was lost and everything was gained!

  • Able to track all their marketing results, conduct campaign analysis, and optimize their budget.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports that reflect their marketing efforts and growth opportunities.
  • Smoother marketing to sales handoff and tracking.
  • Have become self-sufficient in using the CRM to work for them.
  • Enjoy continuous SAGE support when needed.

HubSpot's CRM solution coverage

  • CMS
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
Integrations Integrations Easily integrates with multiple third-party tools Integrations Limited capabilities
Usability Usability Highly Intuitive, easy navigation, comfortable UI/UX Usability Easy nav and comfortable UI/UX. Less than intuitive
Scalability Scalability Highly scalable & flexible platform Scalability Need developer assistance to scale or modify the setup
Email Marketing Email Marketing Drag-drop email editor with customizable template support Email Marketing Need to find the email template first before creating an email
Social Media Management Social Media Management Facilitates scheduling, posting, and management functionalities for all main social handles Social Media Management Suitable enough to maintain the basic social presence for a company’s profile
Reporting Reporting 90+ prebuilt reports, and the ability to create custom reports (top-tier plans) Reporting Dependency on Salesforce reporting add-ons
Starting Price Starting Price $0 for free CRM; $45 per month for Starter Marketing Hub™ subscription Starting Price $1,250 per month, paid annually, for up to 10,000 contacts
Free Trial Free Trial 14 days Free Trial N/A

HubSpot was our holy grail - from the very beginning of a user's journey to closing a deal and even renewing services, everything was tracked on HubSpot. Without HubSpot, we would have been totally lost…

Danna Cahana, Marketing Manager at Gaviti

SAGE was a lifesaver, allowing us to scale and grow with the help of a dedicated team. Sage team really refined our HubSpot process and flow, allowing us to get to new Revenue streamline.

Oz Nimrod, Marketing Manager at BRIA

SAGE's wealth of marketing knowledge and best practices, which have helped to optimize our processes and streamline our sales and marketing activities.

Joy Deep, Director of Digital Marketing at LeapXpert

The switch from Pardot to HubSpot was a life changer for us.

Paul Buiko, CMS Developer

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    Move & recreate any data, landing pages, emails, campaigns, workflows.

  • 3

    Launch your first campaign in HubSpot hand in hand with our experts.

  • 4

    Build, set up and configure the foundational elements of your new system.

  • 5

    Expand reach of the platform, optimize results, and meet your goals.

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