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We always remind our B2B clients that we are not just marketing to a business but to people within that business. At the end of the day, it’s a person who is making the ultimate decision of whether to do business with you, and that’s why it’s critical that your brand be easily identifiable and have a unique personality.

We often hear from companies: “We’re the best!”. Sure, it’s good to be “the best,” but you should be ready to prove your merit with more than just words, as this term is massively overused in marketing and branding. We certainly don’t meet a lot of companies who say, “we’re second best,” but perhaps that would actually grab more attention (remember Avis’s “we try harder” campaign?). The point is that B2B markets are flooded with similar goods and services, and we’re constantly being bombarded with content, so to stand out and attract new leads, you must differentiate yourself.

Whether creating a new brand from scratch, rebranding, or building a brand extension, our goal is to give you a competitive advantage. SAGE delivers authentic brand consistency through multiple channels and across key stakeholder touch points. We start with a brand strategy that defines the core elements of a brand: Vision, Mission, Values, Positioning and Messaging. Clarifying these elements is fundamental to developing a powerful and differentiated brand. SAGE captures your brand essence and transforms it into a comprehensive program for creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Your brand identity defines the way the world views your company from the first moment of interaction. From logotype design to holistic brand language development, SAGE leads the creation of a compelling brand identity that will increase awareness and engagement amongst your target audience and boost your employees’ company pride.

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