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A Whole New World

Perhaps you opened this article because you’re a new marketer, or because you’ve heard about HubSpot and are unsure what it really does, or because you’re my friend and I sent you this link to show you the cool stuff I get to do at my new job.

I joined SAGE Marketing two months ago and was immediately enrolled in a HubSpot B2B marketing course with my new coworkers. 

Although I studied advertising in college, we were taught mostly theory and not so much about how to implement marketing/advertising tools. So I’m sure you can imagine that I showed up to the course’s first Zoom meeting quite clueless about what I was about to learn.

First off, let me just say: marketing is intricate. I heard so many new words during that first course – marketing audit, channels, funnel, SEO, lead scoring, PPC flow… the list goes on. 

I remember feeling completely in awe of this exciting world. But I also realized just how interwoven a web the world of marketing is. 

Luckily, Resa Gooding, our instructor, did an amazing job of explaining everything in basic terms so that by the end of the first course, I had an understanding of what we had just learned. 

Over the next six weeks, we did a slow and steady deep dive into the world of marketing. Specifically, I learned how HubSpot can be a great tool to use, especially for startups who are looking to get their marketing off the ground quickly and efficiently.

HubSpot for Startup

To provide a bird’s eye view, HubSpot is a tool that can be used to plan and implement entire marketing campaigns, manage social media ad campaigns, generate and track leads, guide the sales pipeline, streamline customer relationship management, and set up marketing automation for startups and established organizations alike. 

As I learned more about the various aspects that are vital to operating a successful marketing department, I realized how worthwhile a multifaceted tool like HubSpot really is.

It helps companies enrich their leads by guiding them through customizable funnels, filling their pipeline with relevant potential customers and therefore boosting their sales and business performance. HubSpot integrates with companies’ CRMs to make tracking customer interactions smoother and maintaining positive relationships easier. 

At the end of the day, it simply helps companies perform better. 

And for B2B tech startups who pour most of their energy into R&D and fundraising, setting up marketing activities can sometimes be a last-minute scramble.

Luckily for them, HubSpot is easy to set up and can quickly automate all the necessary marketing functions they need, helping them present their innovative solution to the world in an engaging, authentic way that generates leads and boosts business performance.

Making the Most of It

Certainly at SAGE, where all of our clients are B2B tech startups, it is our job to ensure that we have a crystal clear view of every intricacy of their marketing. HubSpot helps us do just that. 

Through HubSpot, we can implement chatbots on our clients’ websites that provide customers immediate clarity on any questions they may have. We can create nurture sequences to guide customers through our customized funnel, resulting in increased lead generation and better business deals. 

HubSpot also enables us build automated email marketing campaigns that drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

And to make sure we cover all our bases, we even conduct HubSpot implementation services, including on-boarding, so our clients know how best to take advantage of the available tools. 

The results speak for themselves. Every client of ours that has implemented HubSpot into their marketing toolkit has seen increases in qualified lead generation, social media engagement, website visits, and brand awareness. 


So if I haven’t made it clear by now – HubSpot is fantastic. It brings peace and order to the constantly moving parts of a company’s marketing activities.

And as a new marketer, it makes me feel confident that I can stay on top of my clients’ marketing needs.

Check out our website for more information on how we utilize B2B HubSpot services to provide top-notch marketing for our clients.

My Journey to Marketing: Anything Is Possible When You Work Hard For It

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A personal guide to exploring professional careers in today’s world.

Growing up in three different countries and having parents from different backgrounds has given me a colorful palate and sense of exploration, movement, and the ability to adapt quickly to different situations.

Junction 1

At the age of 23, I was bitten by a mosquito in Nepal, which forced me to go through a recovery period where I literally had to learn how to walk again and explore new ways in which I could work. At that time, most people my age were waitressing, traveling, or starting out in their careers, but I was left with arthritis and couldn’t even stand on my feet. This experience led me to search for alternatives. In an era before marketing your business on Instagram and Facebook was popular, I found myself responsible for opening a small face painting business on my own.

Junction 2

Growing from that experience, I understood that the professional world is more colorful than what you see in a university brochure. This is what led me to the next chapter of my education. I began my studies towards a multidisciplinary design and education degree in graphic design, industrial design, and fashion design.

Within my design studies, I always received remarks that I was being too innovative. Knowing now, INNOVATION wasn’t yet a concept well established in my studies. Focusing on fashion, graphics, and 3D programs and techniques, I was passionate to explore the outside world. It began with my traveling to China. There, I stood at the height of innovation on the Shanghai Tower, 632m tall, proud to be able to overcome my fear of heights. I knew then and there that it was time to start following my gut.

Junction 3

Understanding that innovation and technology are keys to driving change in the way fashion is produced and consumed, as a designer, I sought out to learn about tomorrow’s tools. High tech was all around me, and through outstanding opportunities and special colleagues, I received the chance to explore the tools of tomorrow’s world in various companies.


From my professional experience in high-tech companies, I was exposed to the vast opportunities marketing has to offer on the business side of the final sales and revenue. I finally understood that this is the right path for me. Combining my creative ideas, innovative concepts, and product orientation, with operational ability, and business sense lead me to say that I am a marketer. I like to orchestrate a story to an audience through shape, color, and words and communicate the product and services to reach my target audience in order to successfully keep and grow customers, to potentially grow a business.

I began working at Sage recently, only a month and a half ago. The universe has introduced me to Sage. Learning about the opportunity to work with a wide range of experts coming from a host of different marketing fields has driven me to be part of this team.

A month in, I can say I’m grateful to be a Sager, and what an experience it has been! From being given an opportunity from day one, to taking a HubSpot course, to caring, and teaching us to be professional leaders in the market.

I’m looking forward to all that is yet to come and to invite you to join our team.