Outsource CMO Agency Solution: The Ultimate Marketing Model for B2B Startups in Israel

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In today’s market when it is becoming more and more difficult to capture the attention of potential clients, what can you do to foster meaningful dialog with your audience? How can you launch a new technology and ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed? How much you should invest in marketing and marketing resources? 

I meet a lot of CEOs in my line of work, and while most of them are experts in at least a handful of things, marketing is almost never one of them. On one hand, CEOs want to focus on the core of the business and therefore debate whether to invest in recruiting an in-house marketing executive or Marcom specialist to handle marketing tactics. On the other hand, they understand the need to have a business partner that will be able to both evaluate the market and the competition, as well as generate a viable plan that shows a clear correlation between money spent and sales growth. 

The CEOs I meet also understand that a plan on its own will not generate success, and that there must also be an expert team in place to execute the plan and manage everything from sales toolscontentand messaging to lead generationbrand identityeventspublic relations and beyond.

Why outsource marketing?

Hiring an in-house CMO means increasing the company’s workforce, spending valuable time, money and energy recruiting and optimizing the efforts of an in-house CMO that will eventually need an operations team around them as well as a team of vendors to execute and implement the marketing strategy. This is when hiring in-house becomes a major expense.

More and more organizations around the world understand the benefit of outsourcing, and are now outsourcing marketing. They do so either because they don’t need a full-time marketing manager or because they need to save resources. When you outsource your marketing, you’re not just hiring a CMO – you’re hiring a CMO, a content writer, a PR manager, a marketing automation expert, a messaging and positioning expert and more, all in one. From creating a marketing plan, to strategy implementation via tactical marketing activities, to ongoing management and unique marketing projects to penetrate into new markets, outsourcing offers a truly diverse range of services.

Outsourced marketing enables enterprises, B2B companies, and startups to manage the marketing mix more effectively. Outsourced marketing teams are people who have experience with similar companies and understand the market.

The Major Benefits of Outsourced Marketing for B2B Startups

  • It’s really cost-effective. That’s right. Outsourced marketing can save you a lot of both time and money, providing you with the freedom to take care of other massive day-to-day tasks. Instead of hiring a full-time in-house team (Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Writer etc.) you get a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, and pay only for the hours that you need each month, which can be less than paying one full-time salary. There’s no need to pay for office space, pensions, or any other expenses you usually have to incur for in-house staff.

Something important to note: the outsourced marketing agency must-have tools in place to monitor the marketing spend and show ROI so you can assess the effectiveness.

  • Quality and expertise. The marketing agency has years of expertise from different industries, ready to take on any challenge. They are likely to be already familiar with your industry and can always drawback on benchmarks and great resources when needed.
  • Multidisciplinary. Many companies benefit from outsourced marketing that provides a mix that is tailor-made to your specific needs and to the business goals that will yield the expected results and will maximize time to market. Outsourced marketing acts as a trusted advisor on one hand, but is also there to “get their hands dirty” to execute the strategy and work together with you to achieve your business goals.
  • No hiring headache. You don’t need to worry about headhunting and hiring different professionals – working with an agency means getting top-notch quality service without worrying about HR issues all the time.
  • Flexibility. You can start with a smaller hours package and gradually increase your activities and budgets.
  • A great team of vendors. Many roles can be outsourced on a project basis, e.g. web programmers, designers, PR and PPC managers, and much more. A great agency has a great team of professional partners in any field, so you don’t need to search for them on your own and focus on your business instead. An agency has tried and tested numerous vendors – PPC, SEO, graphic design, videographers, and more. They know who is the best, who provides strong ROI, and where you can get the best bang for your buck.

SAGE Marketing – Your outsourced CMO together with an integrated marketing agency

A team of experts and specialized contractors are ready to work together seamlessly to meet yourKPIs. Beyond offering outsourced CMO services, SAGE Marketing also has all the functionality of a full-service marketing agency. Your organization will get the CMO expertise and strategic mindset you’re looking for, plus a team of experts ready to do the breakthrough integrated marketing work needed to make your company stand out.

You and your team created a distinct organization and defined business goals, let us make your business vision a reality. Let’s talk: info@sagemarketing.io